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Instead of waiting for death, it was better to cooperate with Lu Yaode.

A person of the same age as them was the best.

Moreover, if they really elected Lu Yaode, they could naturally gain bigger benefits as elders in the company.

Lu Yaode smiled and said, “Actually, its not a big deal for Heting to be the person in charge, but as a father, as a member of Lu Group, and as a member of the Lu family, I have to think about the interests of the greater people—not one person and one family.

Heting is a little off track now.

As a father, Im naturally duty-bound to turn everything back on track.”

“Yes, yes, yes, that makes sense.

Thats reasonable,” everyone agreed.

However, they had all forgotten who was the one who supported the entire Lu Group in times of danger and saved everyones interests.

“Its just that were not important to Heting now.

He would rather believe those immature brats than use us experienced elders.

CEO Lu, if this continues, something will really happen sooner or later.”

“Dont worry, everyone.

Since Ive promised to give you a better future, Ill definitely give you an explanation,” Lu Yaode said.

However, the people he contacted now were not important to Lu Heting at all.

They seemed to be worthless.

Tian Xin rarely went out recently.

She had embarrassed herself in the entertainment industry a few times, and her fans would scold her whenever she appeared.

She was really angry and reduced the number of times she went out.

Shed spent the last few days at home taking care of herself.

Shed even arranged to meet a private doctor for a custom beauty service.

Seeing Lu Yaodes worried expression, she asked gently, “Whats troubling you”

“Its all about Lu Group.

Ive won over many people in my camp, but theyre all people who arent important.

Even with them, they cant pose a threat to Lu Heting.”

Tian Xin lowered her head in thought.

“How are the shares coming along”

“Soon, my shares will be more than what Lu Heting has combined.” Lu Yaode was happy.

This was truly exciting news.

He was secretly buying shares of Lu Group.

Coupled with the 10% that Feng Ze had secretly given him and the 10% that Lu Tianci had given him, he would soon surpass Lu Heting and become the biggest shareholder.

At that time, the re-election of the person in charge would be guaranteed.

It was just a matter of manpower.

It was indeed a problem.

He still needed to get more people with authority to stand on his side in order to truly win without a chance of losing.

Tian Xin reached out and gently rubbed the ring on her finger, thinking.

Lu Yaode said, “But dont worry, Ill definitely settle this matter as soon as possible and get back whats ours.”

Tian Xin said, “Why dont I meet Lu Heting and persuade him to put these people in an important position At that time, these people standing on your side will be the biggest blow to him.”

“But how can you convince him He hates you.” Lu Yaode did not believe that Tianxin had such an ability.

It was true that Tian Xin did not have such an ability, but she rubbed her ring, wanting to give it a try.

It was just like in the beginning.

It was always good to try.

It was just that she hadnt tried this method in a long time.

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