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Tang Yues mood fluctuated.

She thought for a while before calming down.

However, this news made Old Master Tang so angry that his heart hurt.

He wasnt worried about Su Beis future, but he really wanted her to be happy and settle down.

He didnt expect that she and Lu Heting were just an act!

To think that he had always been so assured that Su Bei had found a good man.

The assistant poured tea for him and calmed him down.

After a long time, Old Master Tang finally recovered.

“What kind of sin did she commit How could my good granddaughter meet such a person!”

The assistant persuaded, “You cant believe everything on the internet.

It might not be true.”

“Lu Group has already made a statement on their official Weibo account! How can such a big corporation still lie through their teeth” Old Master Tang was furious again.

After a while, he appeared in the living room.

Tang Jianming, Lin Shulian, and Tang Yue were all sitting on the sofa.

They were worried and had obviously seen the news.

Tang Yue held Old Master Tang and said, “Grandpa, dont be too anxious.

Things might not be that bad.

Su Bei is still young.

Even if something happens to her, it wont affect her future.

In a few days, well call her back and persuade her.”

“How much longer can we wait We have to get her back now!”

“But Mom just called her and the call didnt get through,” Tang Yue said.

“Maybe shes busy with work.”

When Old Master Tang heard that the call couldnt go through, he became even more worried and said, “Then hurry up and call again!”

At this moment, Su Bei was playing a game with Da Bao.

Because she didnt want to be disturbed, she had already turned off the communication function.

All the calls were filtered through, so they naturally couldnt get through to her.

She didnt check her WeChat at all either.

She didnt expect Old Master Tang and the others to pay so much attention to this matter.

After all, it was just a piece of news.

Although she had been on the list of hot searches for a day, she wouldnt have noticed it if it werent for her circle of people.

“Left flank, left flank, defend! Hurry, hurry, hurry,” Da Bao commanded calmly as he operated.

Gun Gun nibbled on durian and watched the battle happily.

From time to time, he even gave Su Bei a bite.

Da Bao smelled it and pretended to vomit.

Su Bei said to Gun Gun, “Be good.

Go to the kitchen and eat before coming out.”


People who liked durians really had no human rights.

“Oh.” Gun Gun held the plate and went toward the kitchen.

Lu Yaode began to divide the members of Lu Group.

With Lu Heting liking men and not listening to persuasion, his progress was much better than before.

Especially since many of these people were old friends of his and very sentimental.

“CEO Lu, its great that you were able to come back and take charge of the overall situation.

Actually, this company still needs someone with a certain amount of experience to manage it.

Those who have experienced more things will have a wider vision and know what to do.”

“Thats right, thats right.

We welcome CEO Lu back.

However, Mr.

Lu is too ruthless.

Im afraid itll be difficult to get him to give up his seat for a while.”

This group of people was old-fashioned to begin with.

In the past few years, they became less and less important.

The fact that Lu Heting liked men became the fuse, making them feel that Lu Heting was already estranged from them.

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