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When the official Weibo post was posted, it caused an uproar among the netizens.

The official Weibo account proved at least a few things.

First, what was captured on camera that day was true.

Lu Heting did not deny it.

Secondly, that person was really Lu Heting.

As expected, he was handsome, young, capable, and rich.

He was simply a winner in life.

No one had expected that the man who had been controlling Lu Group all these years would be so charming.

In particular, the last sentence made many niche groups very excited.

Because of their orientation, niche groups were often scrutinized.

It was difficult for others to understand them.

Even if many people on the internet would fangirl over good-looking people from minority groups, they were good-looking and rich.

If they were ugly, no one would want to bat an eye at them.

But most of them were ordinary people.

How could there be so many handsome and rich people

However, Lu Heting actually expressed his respect to everyone.

How could they not feel warm

For a moment, many peoples evaluation of Lu Heting became better.

However, as Lu Tianci had expected, there were still repercussions.

Some of the older upper echelons and shareholders of Lu Group had a huge reaction to this matter.

Although Lu Heting had suppressed it on the surface, how could they completely acknowledge Lu Hetings actions

It was precisely because of their various reactions that Lu Yaode could split them apart, rope them in, and accumulate the strength to deal with Lu Heting.

Tang Yue and the others also learned about Lu Hetings appearance.

When Tang Yue found out that the boyfriend Su Bei brought back was actually the head of Lu Group, Tang Yue stood up in shock and accidentally knocked over the coffee beside her.

The room was filled with a strong aroma.

Trembling, she picked up her phone and looked at the photo again.

After looking at it carefully for a while, she confirmed that it was really Su Beis boyfriend.

His name and appearance were all correct.

Thinking of how she had treated Lu Heting and made things difficult for him, Tang Yue felt extremely regretful.

But it was too late for regrets.

There was no turning back.

What had been done could no longer be undone.

She really did not expect Su Bei to have such an opportunity to obtain Lu Hetings favor.

Was it really completely impossible for her to catch up to her or even surpass her

However, after reading all the news, Tang Yue was finally relieved.

“It seems that Lu Heting doesnt really treat her as his girlfriend.

I thought she had really become a phoenix.

It turns out that Lu Heting likes men and just used her as a cover.”

She patted her chest gently and sighed.

“No wonder Lu Heting didnt care about how the Tang family looked down on him.

It turns out that the two of them only had such a superficial relationship.

I knew it.

How could Su Bei have become his girlfriend

“This also explains why Di Xing Media Company wanted to stand up for Su Bei.

It turns out that they have long thought highly of her and wanted her to be Lu Hetings contracted girlfriend.”

The thought reassured her completely.

In this way, even if Su Bei could obtain some resources from Lu Heting, she would only be a pawn that could be abandoned at any time.

There was nothing to be envious of.

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