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A shareholder said solemnly and earnestly.

It was as if Lu Hetings matter was a sign of Lu Groups destruction.

They couldnt accept this no matter what.

“Will my private life affect my working state Did the share price fall Is the entire companys current situation worrying Or is this just because you cant stand something and are treating it as a great enemy” Lu Heting asked.

No one spoke for a moment.

Of course, there were no bad effects yet.

Even the share price had returned to normal after a slight dip.

It was hard to say that it had been affected by the incident.

Naturally, they were only trying to persuade him because they couldnt accept this matter and thought it was too perverse.

Therefore, they felt that it was necessary to get Lu Heting back on track.

“But Mr.

Lu, this kind of thing is completely inconsistent with our ancestors teachings.

Besides, its simply unorthodox and doesnt conform to the mainstream.

Even if its not related for the time being, well definitely suffer a backlash later!”

Lu Heting snorted coldly.

These old shareholders were always like this.

When they encountered something, they didnt look at the problem from a fair and objective perspective.

Whenever they didnt like something, they would force things to work their way.

It was like that at work, and it was also like that in ones personal life.

He said, “I have my own conclusions on this matter.

Lu Hang issued a statement asking everyone to not pay attention to my private life and pay more attention to the companys development on the companys official Weibo account.

Everyones orientation is worthy of respect.”

“That last part isnt very nice, is it” said the secretary next to one of the shareholders.

There wasnt much for a secretary to do on an occasion like this.

He only said that because he was disgusted with men liking men.

Lu Heting looked at him and asked, “Then what do you think is good”

“What is there to respect about men liking men” he blurted out.

Lu Heting sneered.

“Im also not interested in affairs between men.

But I dont think that ones private life and orientation should be discussed and judged by others.

I also dont think that others are not worthy of respect and deserve to get their rights and freedom stripped.

For the same reason, what you think is arsenic is something that others are willing to accept.

Is there a problem, then”

The secretary bowed his head at this.

Among the other secretaries, there were occasionally one or two who liked people of the same sex.

It was just that they had never laid it out on the table.

When they heard Lu Heting criticizing such people, they were really satisfied.

The neutrals may not support the cause, but they respected other peoples preferences and were very convinced by Lu Hetings words.

Lu Heting glanced around.

“Or do you want to eliminate all the things you cant stand Today, you cant stand men being with men.

Tomorrow, you cant stand that the companys development is not as expected.

Are you going to overdo it”

Everyone bowed their heads.

Now even the shareholders were silent.

Lu Hang had already quickly gotten the people from the public relations department to log into the official Weibo account and post a statement: [Thank you for your concern about the personal affairs of our groups CEO, Mr.


However, Mr.

Lu is not from the entertainment industry and is unwilling to be involved in scandals.

Please pay more attention to the operations of our group and give Mr.

Lu some freedom in his personal life.

At the same time, Mr.

Lu wishes to tell everyone that everyones orientation is worthy of respect.]

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