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Even if Lu Heting wanted to put out some photos, he should put photos of her true self.

There was no reason for him to pick photos of her as Lu Bei.

“You delivered them to me yourself.”

They had long seen Mr.

Lu bringing the delivery man to his office.

Initially, no one dared to think too much, but now, they couldnt help but size up Mr.


Why, alas, did quality men always prefer other men

Security Guard A instinctively crossed his arms and looked worried.

Security Guard B said, “Even if Mr.

Lu likes men, he wont like you and me, right”

Security Guard A thought that made sense and let go of his hands.

On the other hand, the higher-ups and shareholders all had solemn expressions.

Their gazes followed Lu Heting as if he had done something treasonous and said, “Mr.

Lu, the impact of this incident is very bad.

Actually, women are really quite good.

Why do you have to—”

Lu Heting stopped in his tracks.

“This is a company.

Can we talk about private matters after work”


Lu, even if its a private matter, its still the business of the entire Lu Group.

Im worried that the entire Lu Group will be destroyed due to your current situation.”

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