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[Yes, yes, I testify that its really him! Ive compared the two men in detail.

They really are identical.]

[No wonder I havent seen any new works from Lu Bei.

Previously, I thought that he was being suppressed.

I didnt expect him to be focused on dating.]

[I totally understand.

Who wants to work when theyre in such a sweet relationship]

[Im so envious.

I want to have such a sweet relationship too!]

[Im crying.

I was supporting Lu Bei and Su Bei.

You guys have really torn my ship apart.]

[To the friend above, come and ship the new couple!]

When Su Bei woke up early in the morning, she received a WeChat message from Lu Weijian.

She rubbed her eyes and opened the message.

Lu Weijians voice sounded, “Sister Bei Bei, you really didnt expect my brother to have found a new lover last night, did you”

Su Bei sat up with a start.

Lu Heting sat up as well.

He wrapped his broad shoulders around her and rested his chin on her shoulder.

Hearing Lu Weijians words, he reached for his phone and replied: “If its possible to produce clones, this news might be real.”

“Hahahaha, its really Brother.” Lu Weijian laughed.

“Youll know when you see the photos.”

He immediately sent a few photos.

As he knew that the person in the photos was actually Su Bei, he teased her.

Lu Heting opened the photos, and Su Bei looked at them too.

Both of them could not help but laugh when they saw the scene that was captured last night.

Last night, because Su Bei was wearing mens clothes, she didnt pay as much attention as usual.

The paparazzi were really professional.

Even though she was dressed as a man in the photos, she was indeed quite compatible with Lu Heting.

She just didnt know what the netizens would say about Lu Heting.

“Let me read the comments first.” Su Bei snatched the phone from Lu Heting and wanted to read the comments first.

At the same time, she asked Qiao Mei to quickly suppress the news.

As for Lu Groups public relations, it was very simple.

Lu Heting was an outsider in the industry.

Su Bei didnt want him to be criticized.

She worked for this industry, so it was fine she was mocked.

But Lu Heting had done something wrong and had to bear the infamy.

However, when she clicked on her phone, what did she see

Why were they all talking about the most beautiful couple

Someone had actually produced a comic for two, one that was not suitable for children to read!

The comments were filled with envy, jealousy, and hatred.

Some were envious of Lu Heting, while others were envious of Lu Bei.

There were also a bunch of people asking for Lu Heting and Lu Beis contact details.

There were even a small number of men who recommended themselves.

How did they have the nerve

When Lu Heting took the phone from Su Bei, he happened to see the comic.

He said calmly, “This position is not bad.”

‘Thats the wrong focus, right

In addition to these, some other information was released.

Basically, Lu Heting really liked Lu Bei.

For example, there were Lu Beis photos and figurines in his office.

This was also what Lu Yaode had found out from someone in Lu Group.

Speaking of which, the photos and figurines of Lu Bei in Lu Hetings room were given to him by Su Bei during the lucky draw on Weibo.

Seeing this, Su Bei slowly raised her head and looked at Lu Heting.

“I have a question.

Why do you have Lu Beis photos and figurines in your office”

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