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However, no one knew who the person in charge was.

Those who saw the news were shocked.

[F*ck!!! The person in charge is so young!]

[Oh my God, what kind of peerless handsome man is this Although hes only sitting in the car, his profile, the line of his nose, and the perfect curve of his face… What kind of peerless handsome man is this! Is he really not some top actor in the entertainment industry]

About half an hour later, a middle-aged man wearing sunglasses and a long down coat strode into the exhibition hall with his wife.

The Jing family members standing at the door were stunned silly.

We have to hurry up and inform Sixth Master.

If they bump into him, wouldnt it be awkward

Master Xu reached out to take off his sunglasses.

“Are those people at the door from the Jing family”

“Enemies are really bound to meet on a narrow road.

It would be great if I could meet that brat Jing Hanchuan.

I havent seen him in a long time.

We can even have lunch together and…” He smiled.

“… catch up.”

The woman beside him smiled helplessly.

She felt that it was common for children to fight and bleed.

She didnt understand why her husband took it to heart and hated him for more than twenty years.

Actually, Jing Hanchuan knew to carry their daughter on his back to see a doctor back then.

At the very least, he was responsible and dared to take responsibility.

And because of this, those from Lu Group whom he had roped in and were waiting to make a decision would definitely make a move soon.

In the eyes of many of the older generation, this was an immoral thing to do.

In particular, they always liked to mix personal feelings with work.

They especially liked to use such things to attack others.

Lu Yaode and Lu Tianci deliberately dug up dirt on Lu Heting and finally found this.

Their intentions were indeed vicious.

However, the people on the internet were enjoying themselves.

They did not care about companies, stocks, or style.

They only liked to see beautiful people sweetly dating each other.

Soon, someone pointed out: [Is that little brother called Lu Bei The one who filmed a game advertisement with Su Bei previously Although hes not very popular, he was also famous for his beauty back then.]

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