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Su Bei reached out to take it, but he was holding the bottle to her mouth.

She had no choice but to take two small sips as he held the bottle in his hand.

Although she didnt drink much at night, she had a lot of drinks.

She really didnt have much desire to drink water.

Lu Heting frowned slightly and approached her with a gentle gaze.

“Drink a little more.”

“I cant.

I really cant drink anymore.”

“Just one more mouthful.”

“I cant drink anymore.” Su Bei felt as though her stomach was filled to the brim.

Lu Heting took back the mineral water bottle unhurriedly and took a sip.

Just as Su Bei was about to heave a sigh of relief, the mans breath invaded her nose.

His thin lips were soft as he made her drink another mouthful of water.

Su Bei grunted.

This last mouthful made her want to cry.

In the distance, a flash of light recorded the scene in front.

Then, Lu Hetings car drove away.

When the phone containing the video was placed on Lu Yaodes desk, he angrily pushed the phone to the floor.

The phone shattered into pieces.

“What a bastard! He actually likes men! What did Han Qingwan teach him to lead the Lu family astray!” No matter how much Lu Yaode disliked Lu Heting, he couldnt tolerate his son messing around like this.

But in the video, Lu Hetings appearance was clearly shown.

The person he was hugging and kissing was also clearly a man.

He really didnt expect his son to do something so perverse.

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Lu Tianci sat at the side with a faint smile on his face.

Lu Yaode could accept that his son had countless women, but he could not accept that he liked men.

Especially since he already had a bad impression of that son, it was even harder for him to like him now.

Lu Tianci smiled and said, “Dad, isnt this good Now that were secretly buying the shares of Lu Group and roping in the people who support us, how many people will turn against Lu Heting and how badly will the shares of Lu Group fall if we release the news of Lu Heting liking men”

Lu Yaodes worry turned to joy.

“You cant blame me for taking back Lu Group.

How can we hand over such a huge family business to such a person How can we let him destroy the future of the entire family Contact Feng Ze.

We have to act as soon as possible!”

“Ive been in contact with Feng Ze, and everything is normal,” Lu Tianci said.

“Ill collect more evidence.

Lu Heting will definitely be abandoned by everyone!”

Soon, a piece of explosive news hit the public eye.

The leader of Lu Group, Lu Heting, who had always been mysterious and low-key, had gone on a date with a young hunk late at night.

He was on the hot search list and directly occupied the first spot.

This trending topic was very eye-catching and quickly attracted the attention of many people.

First of all, the wordsthe head of Lu Group were enough to arouse everyones interest.

As one of the largest corporations in S Country, Lu Group was active in various fields and controlled half of the countrys economy.

The head of Lu Group had always been mysterious.

Many years ago, after Old Master Lu retired, Lu Yaode only appeared briefly.

After that, the person in charge never appeared in public again.

However, the entire groups performance was improving day by day.

Their achievements swept through the entire country and even the entire world.

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