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Usually, she would compare her gaming skills with Da Bao and accompany Gun Gun to read some picture books.

At night, she would cook some delicious food for the three of them.

Their days were carefree and comfortable.

When she received Director Guos WeChat message, Su Bei sat up from the sofa.

“I didnt expect Director Guo to be turning 50,” she muttered to herself.

Director Guo had always treated her as his daughter.

The two of them had always been on good terms in private.

This time, Director Guo invited her to his birthday party.

Seeing that she was free that day, Su Bei agreed without hesitation.

When Lu Heting returned, she asked him if he wanted to go with her.

“Id like to go with you, but theres a meeting that day.” Lu Heting smiled.

“Ill just prepare a gift.”

“That will do.

Ill deliver your gift to Director Guo.”

Lu Heting asked, “Will there be many people that day”

“Not many.

Director Guo said he only invited two or three of his best friends and his family.”

“Okay.” Lu Heting didnt say anything.

He turned around and went to his room to pick a gift.

On Director Guos birthday, Su Bei wanted to dress up in womens clothes.

But before leaving, Qiao Mei made a call.

“Su Bei, be careful these days.

Theres a lot of paparazzi following you.”

“Where did all these paparazzi come from”

“Havent they always been around Its just that youve filmed a lot of movies recently.

The outside world has never gotten a clear idea about your private life.

Many people want to record you.

Im afraid it wont stop until all the news about you is dug up.”

Su Bei couldnt help but open the curtains and look outside.

Her neighborhood was well guarded.

So far, the paparazzi had not even dug up her residence.

However, after getting out of this protective shield that Lu Heting had carefully built, the situation was indeed not optimistic.

With that in mind, she turned to change into mens clothes.

Anyway, Director Guo had always known that she was Lu Bei and was used to her wearing such clothes.

It was not a problem for her to meet Director Guo and his best friends like this.

Moreover, she could avoid trouble.

She and Director Guo had not worked together recently.

What if word got out that there was some scandal between the actress and the director

Su Bei went to Director Guos birthday party.

There were indeed no outsiders at the party.

They were all familiar people and Director Guos family.

Seeing Su Beis outfit, everyone smiled.

The entire banquet was as comfortable as a dinner among family.

The atmosphere was very good that night.

Su Bei drank a little.

When the banquet ended, Lu Heting called.

“Where are you Ill pick you up.”

Su Bei gave him the address and waited by the roadside.

Because she was dressed as a man, she did not deliberately avoid suspicion and stood casually.

Soon, Lu Hetings car came into sight.

Su Bei raised her eyebrows and smiled.

When the car stopped, she got in.

Lu Hetings expression was calm, but when he smelled the alcohol on her body, he frowned slightly.

“Have you been drinking”

“A little.

Director Guo was happy, and I was there to celebrate his birthday, so I didnt decline.”

Lu Heting reached out and pulled her over.

He said in a low voice, “Your stomach hasnt recovered yet.

Dont you know that you cant drink”

Su Bei felt that her stomach was already very good, but the psychological trauma left by this matter was too great for Lu Heting to be at ease.

Seeing his serious expression, she begged softly, “Just this once.

I wont do it again.”

Lu Heting reached for a bottle of mineral water, opened it, and gave it to her.

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