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Mother was not an easy movie, but its plot touched peoples hearts and ignited the publics enthusiasm for watching it.

Su Beis acting skills had long been recognized by everyone.

However, this time, her extremely restrained performance stunned everyone again.

Her face was completely different from the bright and beautiful Su Bei that everyone knew from every movie.

It was a real character made of flesh and blood.

She was the embodiment of the character she played.

The box office sales of Mother soared and quickly broke through a billion.

Profits were guaranteed.

And with every box office breakthrough, Su Bei became well-known.

With the works she put out, she never had to fear rumors.

It was really a blessing to have high-quality works to rely on.

Fans could use her achievements to refute the brainless anti-fans and mocking passersby.

It was also possible for them to promote their idol confidently.

Her popularity as a celebrity would also increase invisibly.

Although there were also some negative comments such as [Su Beis acting skills have deteriorated and are not as good as before], nothing could stop the rising box office sales.

Su Bei booked the entire venue and invited some friends to watch the movie.

Lu Weijian was naturally among her guests.

When they came out of the cinema, Lu Weijians eyes were red.

“Sister Bei Bei, your acting skills are really good.

The mother is really great.

In order to protect her son, she really did something admirable.”

Su Bei smiled.

“Thank you.”

Lu Weijian switched his phone from silent to normal mode.

After coming out of the cinema for a while, his WeChat kept ringing with countless messages.

His eyes immediately stopped turning red.

He replied: [No, no, I cant get you an appointment.

Is my Sister Bei Beis schedule that free]


Weijian, are you trying to get in the way of my work Lets hear it, then.

No matter what, I have to earn money to support my son.”

Lu Weijian immediately took the phone.

“How can this be my job Those people in my gaming team are all clamoring to see you.

Theyve been pestering me for a long time.

Im really impressed.”

“Thats good.

After all, Im only someone with the label.

If we actually meet, itll give us away.”

Lu Weijian sighed.

“Its a pity that Da Bao is still too young to go out and show his face.

Itll be fine when he grows up.

I really want to take my nephew out to show off.

When can my nephew step into public and earn me a good reputation”

Su Bei smiled.

“After he turns 18.”

Lu Weijian counted with a bitter face.

Su Bei had no choice.

Children had to be protected.

It was not appropriate for them to appear in public too much.

Besides, even if she agreed, it would be useless if Lu Heting didnt agree.

Lu Weijian finally responded, “You need to earn money to support your son My brother still needs…”

Su Bei said righteously, Why Cant I”

“Yes, yes, of course, you can.

Whatever makes you happy.”

After the filming of the political movie ended, Su Bei did not receive a more suitable script.

She decided to wait and see for the time being, so she only had some activities lined up.

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