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With her early popularity, she wouldnt have attracted so much attention.

However, she was too popular now.

First, she was constantly mentioned by her movie queen mother.

Then, because of the political movie, everyone knew about her.

Naturally, there would be a lot of trouble if she was popular.

Moreover, she had really caused trouble this time.

Someone even said: [How can an artist like her participate in a political movie Wont she lead the children astray]

[Thats right.

You have to pay more attention to such small things.

Its not as if we can let her be just because the matter is small.

Its these small things that constitute the object of the childrens imitation.

Smoking is an easy thing to imitate.

What if the adolescent children follow suit]

[I dont think she should be in the political movie either.]

[But do you know that Lu Tianqing has deep connections This matter will definitely be brushed aside.

If you dont believe me, youll see it later.]

Lu Tianqing did not expect things to turn out this way.

Ever since the paparazzi came to look for the people from Tianyi Media to sell dirt on Jia Shiyun, she had never taken the paparazzi seriously.

She never thought that she would get involved in this.

It was too late for regrets now.

She could only minimize the damage, make a public apology, and say she was turning over a new leaf.

She had no choice.

It was too obvious in the video.

She couldnt even deny it.

Then, a director called and told her, “Tianqing, we can only bear with the pain and find someone else to record your scenes in the political movie.”

“Uncle Zhang, is there no other way” Lu Tianqings heart turned cold.

Director Zhang had a very good relationship with Tian Xin.

Since he said this, Lu Tianqing knew that things were indeed not good.

“Its a political movie.

And the whole smoking in a hospital thing is a really bad influence.”

Lu Tianqing bit her lip, unwilling to accept this.

She had spent so many days working hard just to suppress Su Bei.

But now, everything was ruined.

As high-profile as she had been before, the mockery was overwhelming now.

“Ive already admitted my mistake, Uncle Zhang.

Can I fix things Can I find the other uncles and aunts to think of a solution together”

Lu Tianqing thought about how many of her mothers old friends and family members were on the production team.

Director Zhang sighed.

“Tianqing, its precisely because we have a good relationship with you that we have no choice but to take action this time.

Do you understand If we were just passersby, we could still argue for you.

But now, no matter what we say, others will think that were deliberately protecting you.

Not only is it useless, but itll also make things worse.”

There were two sides to everything.

Lu Tianqing had previously created a situation where she formed very good relationships with the directors.

Now, it had become a double-edged sword.

With the sword pointed at her, no one could defend her.

In other words, her withdrawal from the movie was inevitable.

“If I have other good scripts next time, Ill surely let you know,” Director Zhang said.

Lu Tianqing put down her phone, her palm cold.

Lu Tianqings apology video was still effective and she gained the forgiveness of many people.

However, the political movie was silently reshot.

The reshoot calmed the publics anger.

From then on, all her high-profile actions finally ended in a dismal manner.

On Su Beis side, the movie Mother that was directed by Camilan was officially released.

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