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[Hahahaha, Im dying of laughter because of the comment of the person above me.

Its indeed retribution.]

[Jia Shiyuns fans are crying.

I really dont know what to say.]

Because Jia Shiyun had already been terminated by Tianyi and her management team was disbanded, there was no one to handle public relations for her.

The comments she got were very real.

She had not appeared in public for a long time, and her fans were not strong enough to fight.

It took a long time for this trending topic to die down.

This matter did not make much difference to Jia Shiyun, who had already hit rock bottom.

It could not affect her anymore.

However, someone found Lu Tianqing in the video and photos.

This was very normal.

After all, Lu Tianci was the boss of Tianyi Media.

There was nothing wrong with Lu Tianqing visiting Jia Shiyun and having a personal relationship with her.

But the problem was that Lu Tianqing was seen smoking in the photos and videos.

Smoking was prohibited indoors and in public throughout Jingdu City.

The rule was stipulated earlier on, and everyone knew about it.

Moreover, Lu Tianqing was in a hospital, a place where smoking was clearly prohibited.

This matter quickly caused an uproar.

Besides, the entire country was relatively conservative.

There were very few women who smoked.

Most women were averse to smoking, even if it was second-hand smoking.

From the way Lu Tianqing held her cigarette in the video, it was obvious that she smoked a lot.

Soon, this matter was taken seriously by netizens.

[Even if youre a celebrity, you cant have special privileges.

Smoking is prohibited, and everyone has a shared social responsibility.

Why can Lu Tianqing smoke]

[I think so too.

Especially for female artists.

How could they smoke!]

[Come, come, come.

Im reading about the no-smoking law in Jingdu City.

When it was issued three years ago, it was clearly stated that no citizens were allowed to smoke in public or indoors.

If they wanted to smoke, they had to go to a special smoking area.

How many rules did Lu Tianqing violate Why didnt the nurses in the hospital call her out at that time]

[Really! I cant even accept a man smoking, let alone a woman.

Can you understand the discomfort of being forced to smoke second-hand]

[How can the patients and families in the hospital tolerate such behavior]

The fans began to defend Tianqing.

[Tianqing is definitely just practicing for filming purposes.

Shes not really smoking! Please pay more attention to the work she produces!]

[Tianqing has been living abroad and isnt familiar with the situation in the country.

Please understand.]

[Whats wrong with smoking Its your freedom to smoke as an adult! Does Tianqing have to report to you whatever she does]

The netizens almost laughed their heads off at the fans comments.

[Practicing for filming purposes Isnt that Jia Shiyuns ward Jia Shiyun has already left the industry, yet shes still practicing Who are you defending here Shes not familiar with the situation in the country Why do I feel that shes quite familiar when eating and drinking tea with the directors Also, adults are free to smoke.

But if you know that youre an adult, you should go to a special smoking area to smoke.

This is what adults should do, right”

The violation of rules was not a big problem, and no one would pay attention to it under normal circumstances.

Lu Tianqing had also always been very careful and had never been photographed.

However, she did not expect that this time, with Jia Shiyuns matter being exposed, it would become even worse.

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