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Because Su Bei was on the same side as her now and she knew that Lu Tianqing had been giving Su Bei a hard time recently, Han Qingwan decided to visit Su Bei and ease their relationship.

To her surprise, she saw this.

It was nothing much, but it was indeed a little awkward.

At this point, he subconsciously looked at the girl in the corner opposite him and said, “Our Chinese Medicine Faculty is also going to have a program this year.

If your seniors hadnt graduated or…”

Qiao Nians previous batch of students had basically transferred to other departments in their second year.

It wasnt appropriate for Shen Yugui to say this directly in front of the new students.

So, he paused for a second and continued, “If you want to come up with a program, it will definitely only be produced by your batch.

Do you have any ideas If you do, you can raise them.”

Everyone had discussed this topic before he arrived.

They even told the people who came later about how the Clinical Department almost snatched their private room.

After Shen Yugui brought it up, Song Tian was the first to speak.

“We just met someone from the Clinical Department.

They seem to be performing a dance this year.

As for us… we also want to perform a dance.”

She was cheerful and straightforward.

She didnt hide anything.

Her baby face was quite confident.

She raised her hand and looked around at the people in the private room, then said, “I learned folk dance for a few years.

I can do a solo dance.

But theres a problem.

I dont have a soundtrack.

It might not be very effective if I play the CD.

Who knows how to play an instrument Its best if we can coordinate!”

She had already asked the rest about their specialties when she first arrived.

Basically, no one wanted to go up.

She had learned folk dance for a few years and was very experienced in it.

It was fine for her to go up and take the lead.

She would also go up to represent the class when they were required to perform in her high school in the past.

She wasnt afraid of such occasions.

Now, it turned out that Jia Shiyun was previously hospitalized because she was pregnant.

It was said that she was pregnant with the child of a rich man.

Later, Jia Shiyun was suspected to have been schemed against by the rich mans wife, causing Jia Shiyun to miscarry.

Now, not only was the child gone, but her career was also ruined.

This was shocking news.

The paparazzi had contacted Tianyi Media to sell this information, but Tianyi Media did not accept it at all.

Jia Shiyun was no longer their artist, so why would they still spend money to protect her

Moon Breeze News had always attracted lots of attention.

Soon, Jia Shiyuns matter became a trending topic.

Various videos and photos were also revealed.

Jia Shiyuns incident attracted a lot of attention.

[I didnt expect that Jia Shiyun, who had developed well in Di Xing Media Company back then, would end up like this.

I guess its fate.

Tsk tsk tsk.]

[What a pity.

Jia Shiyun is still quite beautiful.]

[Whats there to pity What kind of outcome would you expect from being a mistress Mistresses dont deserve any pity, dog head.]

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