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Su Bei successfully added them on WeChat.

When Lu Tianqing came over again, she was going to invite the director to eat and drink some tea.

Unexpectedly, she saw Su Bei holding her phone with everyone else.

Her smile froze for a moment, and she snorted in disdain.

“It looks like she cant figure out any more tricks to hang out with those people.

Who wants to please the staff when they can get close to the director”

Thinking of this, she felt very happy.

However, Su Bei was busy playing games.

Although Lu Tianqing had put in a lot of effort, the directors were all elders.

Even though they had preferences and were biased, they would not go overboard.

Especially when Su Beis performance really impressed them.

Hence, Lu Tianqings methods were useless.

To put it bluntly, no matter how good her relationship with them was or how much effort she put into it, it would never be as good as Su Bei doing her job and saving everyone the trouble.

“Not bad, not bad!” The director nodded repeatedly as Su Bei finished her performance.

“I think I can be in a better state.

Can I try again” Su Bei asked politely.

“Alright, everyone.

Get ready.

Lets do this again.”

After the filming ended, the director was especially satisfied.

Everyone ended work early.

The filming had been ongoing for the past few days, and they often had to wrap up at almost midnight.

Everyone was very excited to get off work on time today.

Su Bei received a message from Lu Heting saying that he would come and pick her up.

Su Bei let Xiao Bai leave in the nanny van while she ran to Lu Hetings location.

During this period of time, everyone was quite busy.

Although Su Bei went home every night, she sometimes could only chat for a while washing up before she fell asleep from exhaustion.

Being able to spend time with Lu Heting made her eyes shine.

After getting into the car, Lu Heting smiled and said, “Da Bao and Gun Gun went to play with Weijian tonight.

Its just the two of us.”

“So where are we going to eat”

“Lets go home.

I asked the nanny to prepare dinner before giving everyone the day off.”

Seeing Su Beis expectant look, he tilted his head and smiled.

“I got them to prepare your favorite durians.”

Hearing that there were durians, Su Beis eyes lit up.

Lu Heting reached out and stroked her hair.

Su Bei smiled until her eyes turned into crescents.

When they got out of the car in the underground parking lot of the neighborhood, she hooked her arm around Lu Hetings neck and said, “Hubby, youre the best.”

“Youre usually nice.

But today, youre even better.” Su Beis eyes curved into crescents.

Lu Heting couldnt help but kiss her.

He quickly opened the door.

After entering, he pressed Su Bei against the door and kissed her.

Usually, there was Da Bao and Gun Gun at home.

Lu Heting always had to be restrained.

Today, the two little kids were not around, and the nanny was on vacation.

There was no one at home, so Lu Hetings fanaticism was on full display.

Just as they were kissing passionately, there was movement on the sofa.

Su Bei woke up and looked over.

When Lu Heting saw Han Qingwan standing there, he immediately frowned.

He calmed himself down, took off his jacket, and covered Su Bei with it.

Only then did he hold her hand to steady her.

“Mom, what are you doing here”

Han Qingwan was also very embarrassed.

She said, “My friend gave me some good durians.

I recall that Gun Gun likes them, so I sent two over.

When I came, the nanny was about to leave, so she opened the door for me…”

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