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Chapter 125: Chapter 125 Are You Short of Money

‘Lu Heting, stop showing off your charm!

Su Bei calmed herself down and said, “So she revoked my qualification as Jin Xius brand ambassador because you rejected her”

“Im sorry for causing trouble to your work,” Lu Heting said in a low voice.

“Its okay.

Ive signed a contract with Jin Xiu.

Fan Yinfang cant break it.

She cant possibly control things as she wishes.

If she does, she is liable for breach of contract,” Su Bei said while looking for her copy of the contract.

Lu Heting helped her take out the contract, and they read it together.

The contract was in English, and the contents were full of various technical terms.

Although Su Bei had stayed in the United States for a few years, it was still a little difficult for her to fully understand it.

On the other hand, Lu Heting read it smoothly and naturally.

When he raised his head and looked at her, he saw the surprised look on her face.

He smiled and said, “I often go to Europe and the United States with Mr.


Sometimes I have to help him deal with things, so I am familiar with the language and some technical terms.”

“Lu Heting, youre amazing!” Su Bei stood up to make coffee for Lu Heting.

But she would glance at him sideways from time to time.

She found that he was focused and earnest while reading the document.

No wonder she always felt that he wasnt just a driver.

Before, she thought that his temperament was only cultivated by Lu Group.

But now, it seemed that it was entirely because of his own ability to deal with a lot of things.

Hearing Su Beis praise, the corners of Lu Hetings mouth slightly curved up, and his eyes brightened.

Su Bei brought the cup of coffee to him and said, “Heting, heres your coffee.”

Holding the thick contract in his hands, Lu Heting didnt take the cup of coffee.

If he did, she would sit across from him to read the other contract after giving him coffee.

However, now she sat next to him, leaned over, and read the contract in his hand.

Her hair would occasionally fall down and gently brush his face.

Lu Heting could feel that Su Bei had always been avoiding him.

Perhaps five years ago, he was too arbitrary to get the marriage certificate.

So she had to accept the role of his wife at the age of eighteen.

Maybe it was because of Gun Guns existence that she always had some misgivings about their marriage.

So he tried his best to protect her.

He didnt want her to feel insecure and leave him without thinking twice.

Since Lu Heting didnt take the cup of coffee, Su Bei had to hold it.

“Su Bei…” He motioned to her that he wanted to drink the coffee.

Su Bei hurried forward and brought the cup to his mouth.

Lu Heting took a sip.

It was just the instant coffee in the hotel, but he felt like it was the best coffee he had ever tasted.

He smiled satisfyingly.

Seeing that he was busy, Su Bei had to hold the cup of coffee and let him take a sip from time to time.

After drinking up the coffee, Lu Heting also finished reading the contract.

He then said, “As the contract states, you are one of Jin Xius brand ambassadors this year.

Now that Fan Yingfang has replaced you for no reason, the company needs to pay you twice your talent fee as liquidated damages.”

“Thats great then! Twice! Then Id rather have her revoke my job and get the money than continue with the endorsement.” Su Bei calculated it.

If she was fine and healthy, of course, she would choose to be one of Jin Xius brand ambassadors.

After all, it was a good chance for her to have a promising future.

But because of her illness, money was more important to her now.

Lu Heting looked at her slowly.

“Are you short of money”


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