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“I know.

Youve sent me such reminders several times on WeChat.” Su Bei smiled.

“Even if you become a top star, I still have to remind you a few times,” Qiao Mei said.

“Especially since Lu Tianqing is filming with you.

Its not like its just been a day or two since she and her mother started disliking you.

You have to be careful.”

Qiao Mei smiled.

“Ill let Xiao Bai in.

I have to give her more instructions.”

In fact, although Su Bei and Lu Tianqing were filming together, the two of them did not act together at all.

They filmed separately, so they might not even meet throughout the entire filming process.

Besides, even if they met, Su Bei didnt think she would be at a disadvantage.

However, considering all the implications, Qiao Mei took this matter very seriously.

After Xiao Bai was brought in and lectured again, Qiao Mei finally stopped.

The next day, Su Bei joined the crew.

Because the location of the shoot was in the city, she could still go home at night.

This time, she didnt have to worry about traveling far from home to shoot.

As soon as she entered the site, she heard that different people were filming in different studios.

She wouldnt meet Lu Tianqing.

Because the movie consisted of separate stories, several directors were filming it at the same time.

“Thats pretty good,” she said, nodding.

She wanted to focus on shooting, not the constant catfight.

However, even though she wanted to avoid Lu Tianqing, she couldnt stop her from running over.

As the movie queen back then, Tian Xin had a lot of connections.

Many of these directors and assistant directors knew Tian Xin and were even on good terms with her.

Therefore, Lu Tianqings identity was quite precious.

It seemed reasonable for her to come to Su Beis studio to greet the directors and assistant directors.

She was so good with her words that the entire production team laughed along with her.

Laughter could be heard.

For a moment, it seemed that Su Beis side was cold.

Coincidentally, a reporter came to visit on this day and realized that Lu Tianqing had a good relationship with the people in the various groups.

Moreover, they were family friends, which attracted a lot of praise from the media.

Naturally, Lu Tianqing could only appear in many more articles than Su Bei.

Those who didnt know better would think that Lu Tianqing was the absolute female lead of this movie.

It had only been a few days since the filming of the movie started, but Lu Tianqing had already been on the list of hot searches several times.

Her relationship with the various directors was also discussed enthusiastically.

Su Bei was completely unknown.

Lu Tianqing went to Su Beis studio every day.

After a few days, the other staff members also found out about Lu Tianqing and treated her generously.

Even Lu Tianqings assistant, chauffeur, and others were shown more respect.

Su Bei didnt mind and continued filming her scenes as usual.

A few young staff members came to play games with Su Bei on their phones.

“Su Bei, can you teach me how to do this”

“Su Bei, your previous games were so cool.

I like you so much, do you know that”

Da Bao was the one who played the match previously, hence Su Bei felt ashamed to accept their praise.

However, although she was lousy at gaming, having a son and husband who knew how to game was still a huge advantage.

It was not a problem for her to spar with these staff members.

Therefore, many people surrounded her.

Even the extremely young actors in the group ran over to express that they wanted to play games with Su Bei.

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