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Jia Shiyun gripped the termination letter so tightly that the paper was crumpled.

This matter did not affect Lu Tianci at all.

Old Madam Lu also thought that the pregnant person was Sheng Xiaotang.

To Lu Tianci, what he had lost was just a speck of dust that he had not even seen.

The paparazzi had been to the hospital many times, but the information they obtained was limited.

They only knew that Jia Shiyun was injured, but they did not know what was going on.

They could only keep hiding.

Xiao Bai accompanied Xiao Li to the hospital to change her dressing.

Xiao Lis face would also be scarred.

She was in a bad mood, so she came to discuss with the doctor how to remove these scars.

They had just come out when they bumped into Jia Shiyun, who had been discharged from the hospital.

There were many scars on her face.

She looked hideous and terrifying.

Startled, Xiao Bai and Xiao Li quickly stepped back.

Xiao Bai knew from the grapevine that Jia Shiyun had been scratched by a dog, but she never expected her to be so seriously injured.

Jia Shiyun gave them a vicious look, scaring Xiao Bai and Xiao Li away.

After Xiao Bai sent Xiao Li off, she got into the car with lingering fear.

Su Bei was reading a script.

She was going the same way as Xiao Bai, so she came to the hospital with her and waited at the door.

Seeing her panic, she asked, “What happened”

“I saw Jia Shiyun just now.

Shes so scary.

Her face is badly scratched.

Shell probably never be an artist again.”

Su Bei was about to speak when she suddenly saw Jia Shiyuns figure flash past outside the window.

Jia Shiyun asked gloomily, “Su Bei, did you tell Sheng Xiaotang about my pregnancy”

Jia Shiyun had thought about it for a long time, but she couldnt figure out where shed gone wrong.

Only Su Bei knew that she had stopped drinking coffee.

It was hard to guarantee that it wouldnt be Su Bei.

Su Bei got out of the car.

Xiao Bai wanted to stop her, but she couldnt.

Jia Shiyun questioned, “Was it you!”

“Ill be honest.

It was me,” Su Bei said.

“I dont regret what I did.

I just feel sorry for that child.”

Jia Shiyun lost control.

“Why Why Why did you want to harm me Why”

“I admit that I gave Sheng Xiaotang the information.

But when you question others about harming you, can you first ask how much harm youve caused others Besides, do you think you can hide the matter between you and Lu Tianci from Sheng Xiaotang without telling her Can you ensure that she wont find out later

“Im the one who told her, but that has nothing to do with your current outcome.

I hope you can trace the source and think about why!”

Jia Shiyun was stunned for a long time.

Su Bei turned around and got into the car without looking at her again.

After a long time, Jia Shiyun sat on the ground and burst into tears.

Su Bei did not feel relieved at all.

After all, an innocent child was involved.

However, it was not necessarily a bad thing that the child was gone now.

The childs existence was just a pawn.

Who in that family would truly love and cherish him

After Jia Shiyuns incident, Su Bei quickly joined the crew to film the movie.

Qiao Mei reminded her, “Although there arent many scenes, you mustnt neglect your role.

The entire production team and the actors involved are basically big shots.

Dont make any mistakes and give others a chance to gossip.

It wont be too much even if you strive for perfection.

If theres not enough time, I can reject some other activities for you.”

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