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The security guard was so frightened that he quickly called the police and an ambulance.

Jia Shiyun had a miscarriage.

When Su Bei heard this news, it was from Xiao Bai.

She was in a daze for a moment.

She originally thought that Sheng Xiaotang would use a gentler method to target Jia Shiyun.

Unexpectedly, she used the most violent method.

She mourned the child for a moment.

Xiao Bai was very relieved.

She and her friend had a lot of resentment toward Jia Shiyun.

Now that Jia Shiyun was hospitalized, how could they not be happy

The news of Jia Shiyuns admission to the hospital was strictly blocked by Tianyi Media.

However, because Jia Shiyun had reduced her workload a lot recently, it still attracted attention.

The paparazzi were also trying their best to find out more about her.

Jia Shiyun had a miscarriage, and Lu Tianci rushed to the hospital anxiously.

Jia Shiyuns face was ashen as she cried and accused Sheng Xiaotang.

Lu Tianci was a little annoyed.

“How can it be her She doesnt even know about this.”

As she spoke, Sheng Xiaotang came in with something.

Jia Shiyun could only keep quiet.

“Im really sorry, Shiyun.

I really didnt expect that inviting you over for afternoon tea would cause such a huge commotion.

If I had known, I wouldnt have invited you.

That dog has already been taken away by the police.

I heard that its a dog that escaped from a dog farm and has been wandering outside for a period of time, so it has a fiery temper,” Sheng Xiaotang said regretfully while apologizing and comforting her.

Jia Shiyun knew in her heart that Sheng Xiaotang was the one who did it, but she couldnt say anything.

Lu Tianci did not believe Jia Shiyun at all.

Sheng Xiaotang said, “Mr.

Lu, you can go ahead with your matters.

Ill stay here and accompany Shiyun.”

Lu Tianci was very satisfied with Sheng Xiaotangs character.

He was also a little tired of Jia Shiyun pestering him and couldnt wait to leave.

As soon as he left, there was nothing more to say between Jia Shiyun and Sheng Xiaotang.

Sheng Xiaotang said, “Rest well and try to get well soon.

Ill pay for your medical fees first.

Dont worry.”

Jia Shiyun touched the scar on her face.

Female celebrities relied on their face to survive, but now, hers was covered in scratches.

The doctor said that she could not recover completely.

How could she be any better Everything she had was ruined!

She hated it to the core, but even if she did, who would stand up for her

Sheng Xiaotang was in a particularly good mood after solving such a big problem quietly.

As for Lu Tianci, he did not come again after this time.

Jia Shiyuns face was ruined.

He felt uncomfortable just looking at her.

Why would he come to suffer

Jia Shiyun called him repeatedly, but he quickly blocked her.

Jia Shiyun could only call Lu Tianqing.

Lu Tianqing soon appeared in the hospital.

In Jia Shiyuns hospital ward, she lit a cigarette and blew smoke rings as she pulled out a card.

With Jia Shiyuns child gone, she no longer had to restrain her desire to smoke in private.

“Take it.

Tianci is very busy.

He cant come over.

You were pregnant before, and it was very difficult for you.

But now that the child is gone, we dont blame you.

We can only blame ourselves for being unlucky.” Lu Tianqings face was shrouded in smoke.

Jia Shiyun sat on the bed like a dead person.

“This money is enough for you to spend for a while.

This is the termination letter from Tianyi Media.” Lu Tianqing left the card and settlement letter before putting out her cigarette and turning to leave.

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