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However, Sheng Xiaotang understood what she meant.

Otherwise, Jia Shiyun would rise to power because of her son, just like Tian Xin back then.

Even if she had the support of the Sheng family, how could she stop other women from deliberately causing trouble

“I know.” A plan had already flashed through Sheng Xiaotangs mind.

At this moment, Jia Shiyun was with Lu Tianci.

Lu Tianci took this child very seriously.

He would visit Jia Shiyun almost every day.

Just based on the matter of having a child, he had already obtained all the shares from Old Madam Lu.

What if the child was really born

When the time came, would Old Master Lu be tempted to give him what he had

Lu Tianci had been taught by Tian Xin since he was young that children were very important.

Otherwise, Tian Xin would not have been able to completely tie Lu Yaode down with the two children.

Of course, children were only one aspect.

Other means had to follow.

But for now, the birth of this child was the most important thing.

Jia Shiyun was wheedling with him.

“Touch my belly.

The child is kicking me.”

“Haha, it must be a naughty son.” Lu Tianci laughed.


Otherwise, he wouldnt be so cheeky.

But Im a little worried…” Jia Shiyun lowered her eyes and whispered.

“I know.

Ill convince Xiaotang.

She was afraid of pain and pregnancy before, so I didnt force her.

Now that we already have a child, didnt everything work out in the end” Lu Tianci said matter-of-factly.

Jia Shiyun saw that his plan was to let Sheng Xiaotang raise the child and knew that he had never really considered her.

She could not help but feel sad.

However, she didnt show any of this on her face.

Instead, she said sensibly, “Thats perfect.

In any case, I dont want anything.

Im not fighting for anything.

As long as you have me in your heart, thats enough.”

“I knew you were the best.

Take this card and buy whatever you want.

Work less these days.” Lu Tianci felt comfortable being flattered.

He was confident in his charm.

He believed everything Jia Shiyun said.

After Lu Tianci left, Jia Shiyun received a call from Sheng Xiaotang inviting her over as a guest.

Although Jia Shiyun was a little hesitant, she still agreed.

She thought to herself that Sheng Xiaotang probably didnt know about her pregnancy yet.

If she didnt go over, it would make her suspicious.

Hence, after dressing up, she quickly went to Sheng Xiaotangs side.

Sheng Xiaotang did not say much.

She just had some afternoon tea with her and caught up with her.

She then sent her out with a smile.

Jia Shiyun heaved a sigh of relief.

It seemed that Sheng Xiaotang really did not notice anything.

She slowly made her way downstairs.

Just as she reached the underground parking lot, a large dog suddenly charged at her.

It was ferocious.

Jia Shiyun screamed in fear and dodged, but this made the big dog even more aggressive.

It jumped up and down, attacking and biting her.

Ordinary people would find it difficult to deal with a crazy big dog, let alone a pregnant woman like Jia Shiyun.

Jia Shiyun shouted for help, but coincidentally, the underground parking lot was almost empty.

This position happened to be a surveillance blind spot as well.

By the time the security guard realized what was happening and came over, Jia Shiyun had been bitten badly and was covered in blood.

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