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What Su Bei had done to help her was already the ultimate help.

After Xiao Bai returned from the hospital, Su Bei had already finished attending the event and returned backstage to remove her makeup.

“My friend is fine.

The doctor said she went over in time, so therell only be shallow scars.

Thank you, Su Bei.”

Su Bei said to her, “Find an anonymous phone number and tell Sheng Xiaotang that Jia Shiyun is pregnant.”

“” Xiao Bai was confused.

Jia Shiyun was pregnant Why would they tell Sheng Xiaotang

Su Bei explained simply, “Its a disaster to let someone like Jia Shiyun run around.

Let the people who should deal with her do it.”

Xiao Bai was grateful.

“Su Bei, thank you for helping my friend get rid of this woman.”

“Im not doing this for your friend but for myself,” Su Bei said with a faint smile.

As for how Sheng Xiaotang would handle it, it was none of her business.

If Jia Shiyun had been more low-key and normal, Su Bei would not have used such an extreme method to expose her secrets.

Jia Shiyun had a child, and even Lu Tianqing liked her.

They had met twice in private.

Lu Tianqing was about to smoke in private.

She glanced at Jia Shiyun and put away her cigarette.

“Rest well and take care of the baby.

The Lu family wont mistreat you.”

When Sheng Xiaotang received the news, she was extremely shocked.

But now that she was sober, she knew it was only natural.

She was born into a wealthy family and was used to seeing all kinds of scandals.

When she was with Lu Tianci, she did not harbor any thoughts of growing old together with him.

Between them, it was more about mutual benefits.

Moreover, they were not married.

This was also the reason why she had never been willing to get pregnant before.

Once a woman got pregnant, even though she could become rich because of her child or even rise to the top like Tian Xin, she would have already lost her autonomy.

She never wanted that to happen.

Therefore, even after Lu Tianci lied to Old Madam Lu about having a child for the sake of the family assets, she did not intend to have a child with Lu Tianci.

However, she never expected Lu Tianci to get Jia Shiyun pregnant so quickly.

“Go and find out whats going on,” Sheng Xiaotang said to her manager.

Soon, she saw the photo of Lu Tianci secretly entering Jia Shiyuns residence and Jia Shiyuns pregnancy test.

Jia Shiyuns house and luxury car were both given to her by Lu Tianci.

Sheng Xiaotang gripped her phone, and the expression on her face began to change like the veins on her hand.

No wonder Jia Shiyun had not come to look for her for a long time recently.

It was one thing not to have confidence in Lu Tiancis future, but it was another thing to get her things stolen.

The manager persuaded, “Xiaotang, dont tell Mr.

Lu about this.

Sometimes, men value children, but women cant reach that level.

If you tell him, you wont be able to go back to him.”

“Of course, I know that.” Sheng Xiaotang gritted her teeth and said, “In fact, I dont mind who he has children with.”

She had seen this sort of thing often enough in her own home.

She just couldnt accept that the person who was pregnant now was Jia Shiyun, who had been following her around and flattering her.

It was a feeling of betrayal.

“But its also impossible to let Jia Shiyun give birth to the child,” Jia Shiyuns agent said.


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