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Jia Shiyun glanced at her.

“Isnt it wrong to not do your job”

“So she didnt do her job by bringing you coffee Shiyun, I remember that youve always had coffee before.

Your fans must know that youve said many times in public that you like Americano, right What Xiao Li poured just now was the coffee you like.

Is there anything wrong with that” Su Bei asked.

She really had little reason to argue.

Because of her pregnancy, she could not let anyone else know, especially Sheng Xiaotang.

Therefore, she could not tell everyone that she could not drink coffee.

She was being unreasonable.

“The coffee she brought was so hot it almost burned the tip of my tongue.

Isnt that a mistake”

“Then why did you throw it in her face when you knew it was too hot Besides, this dressing room is the farthest away from the coffee room.

Even if the hot coffee was brought over, it wouldnt be especially hot.

Could it be that Xiao Li brought the boiling water over and made you coffee at your door” Su Bei asked.

Su Bei smiled and said, “Or do you want me to publish this incident and let everyone be the judge of it”

“This is an internal matter.

Why do you want to publicize it” Jia Shiyun was annoyed.

“Forget it.

I cant be bothered to argue with public opinion.


“Apologize and pay for the medical fees, then well leave.” Su Bei refused to let it go.

Su Bei said, “What Look at this little girls face.

How badly is she scalded Maybe we really have to go through other procedures”

Jia Shiyun was carrying a child in her stomach, after all.

This child was extremely important to her.

It would be fine if the outside world knew, but if Sheng Xiaotang knew… She did not dare to think about the consequences.

If she had a conflict with Su Bei and something happened to the child, she couldnt bear the consequences.

The supervisor didnt want to waste time with her and didnt dare to.

But judging from Su Beis attitude, she was determined to waste time with Jia Shiyun.

Jia Shiyun apologized reluctantly.

“Im sorry, its my fault.

Little Zhang, transfer them a sum of money.”

After getting her apology and the money, Su Bei turned around and left.

Xiao Bai cried as she applied medicine for Xiao Li.

Her face was already starting to blister, and she wondered if it would leave scars.

Su Bei gave them the money.

“Xiao Bai, take your friend to the hospital first.”

Xiao Li looked at Su Bei gratefully.

Xiao Bais eyes were also red.

“Su Bei, hurry up and go on stage.

Well handle it.”

The supervisor didnt expect that Su Bei would be the one to resolve this matter in the end.

He watched Su Bei go on stage and sighed.

“Why is the difference between people so big Xiao Li, Ill give you a few days off.

Go back and recuperate first.

Dont blame me for not speaking up for you just now.

There are indeed some people we cant afford to offend.”

Xiao Li nodded.

“I know, Supervisor.

You did your best.”

The supervisor sighed.

“Its not like I havent thought of publicizing the matter for outsiders to judge, but no matter how reasonable you are, can you beat a female artist and her tens of thousands of fans Forget it, forget it.

Go back and rest.”

Xiao Li felt terrible, but she also knew that what the supervisor said was reality.

How could an ordinary staff member compare to a female celebrity no matter how many supporters they received

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