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She was pregnant now.

According to the doctors advice, she had to minimize her coffee intake for the sake of the babys health.

Who knew that the staff member who delivered the drinks would bring a cup of Americano to her Was she trying to kill her

“Get out.

Youre annoying.” Jia Shiyun waved her hand and couldnt be bothered to listen to the supervisors chatter.

“Miss Jia, you have to forgive our work mistakes before we dare to go out.

Please be magnanimous…”

Jia Shiyun glanced at the girl standing nearby and said, “Forgive Where do I start Do I have to pay for every mistake you guys make”

When Jia Shiyun was at Di Xing Media Company, she was suppressed by Su Bei.

When she was with Tianyi, she was suppressed by Sheng Xiaotang.

Fortunately, Lu Tianci was not an abstinent man.

She finally had a chance to be with Lu Tianci, unlike when she was at Di Xing Media Company where she waited for a few years without getting a chance.

And she was so lucky to have Lu Tiancis child.

Initially, she was worried that Lu Tianci would not want this child.

Unexpectedly, with just a little probing, Lu Tianci happily accepted this child.

Not only did he obey her, but he also promised her that he would give her and her son wealth.

Immediately after, Lu Tianci gave her a luxurious car and mansion.

He promised to give her a status in the future.

However, Sheng Xiaotang could not know about all this for the time being.

Jia Shiyun understood that the Sheng family was big and powerful.

Sheng Xiaotang and Lu Tianci were well-matched in terms of social status.

As for her, she was still a little lacking, so she could only endure it for now and wait for Lu Tianci to settle his relationship with Sheng Xiaotang.

However, she also found it difficult to calm down.

Why did she have to give in just because her family background was inferior

It was hard to calm down.

She vented all her anger on the people around her.

At this moment, she was still angry.

The supervisor wanted her to forgive them Hmph, how could that be possible

The supervisor waved at the girl.

“Xiao Li, why dont you come over and apologize to Miss Jia”

Xiao Li shuffled her feet.

She was indignant and scared.

She didnt dare go forward.

She seemed to be cowering.

At that moment, the dressing room door opened.

The supervisor and Jia Shiyun looked toward the door at the same time.

Su Bei appeared at the door with her usual bright smile.

“I didnt expect you to really be here, Shiyun.”

Jia Shiyun asked, “What are you doing here”

“No matter what, were colleagues.

It shouldnt be a problem to visit you, right” Su Bei walked straight to Xiao Li.

Xiao Bai hurriedly ran over and held Xiao Lis hand.

Xiao Lis face was scalded by the coffee earlier, but Jia Shiyun had dragged her away and she had yet to apply the medicine.

Now, she looked like she had blisters.

It was really unbearable to watch.

Jia Shiyun ignored Su Bei and said nothing.

Su Bei said, “By the way, I wanted to ask you what my friend did wrong that youre still holding her hostage and refusing to let her leave.”

Seeing that Su Bei was about to stand up for Xiao Li, Jia Shiyun said, “Cant you see the situation As long as she apologizes, Ill let her leave.

But she refuses to apologize.”

Actually, Xiao Li had already apologized at the beginning, but Jia Shiyun still refused to let go.

Now, Xiao Li was just angry and afraid.

Hence, she had long stopped apologizing.

Su Bei said calmly, “Then what did Xiao Li do wrong”

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