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Su Bei was about to go on stage when the makeup artist came over to help her with her makeup.

She put aside her thoughts for a moment.

Xiao Bai said, “Ill get you something to drink.”

Usually, before going on stage, Su Bei would drink a little water to wet her throat so that she could answer various questions from the host and reporters.

She got her makeup done while waiting for Xiao Bai to return.

But when she was done, Xiao Bai was still not back.

She took out her phone and called Xiao Bai.

“Xiao Bai, where are you”

“I-Ill be right back.” Xiao Bai sounded different from usual.

Su Bei frowned slightly.

Soon, Xiao Bai came back with a glass of water, but her eyes were red.

Su Bei raised an eyebrow at her.

“What happened”

“Um, when I went backstage, I met my friend.

Shes doing logistics here.

When I was accompanying her, she gave Jia Shiyun a cup of coffee.

Jia Shiyun threw the coffee in her face, and it scalded her.

I wanted to find some medicine, but Jia Shiyun refused to let my friend go.

She even pressed her head down to make her apologize.

Now, my friend needs to apply medicine to her facial injuries.

What should I do…” Xiao Bai sounded especially aggrieved.

“We didnt know that Jia Shiyun didnt drink coffee.

According to previous arrangements, shes always given coffee.”

Su Bei was furious.

“Whats wrong with her! Wheres your friend”

“Shes still with Jia Shiyun,” Xiao Bai said with a crying face.

“Lets go.

Ill take a look.”

“Forget it, Su Bei.

You still have an event later.

Theres no need to provoke Jia Shiyun.

Besides, shes now with Tianyi.

She has someone backing her up.

The relevant units in this event are all supporting her.

Ill go find a friend to help first.” Xiao Bai was afraid that her matter would cause trouble for Su Bei.

Su Bei didnt want to talk to Jia Shiyun today, but who knew that Jia Shiyun was getting more and more arrogant

She said, “Ill just take a quick look.

Am I no longer your friend”

Seeing that Su Bei had already strode over, Xiao Bai had no choice but to follow her.

The wordfriend almost made her cry.

Jia Shiyuns status was far inferior to Su Beis, but she got the largest and most luxurious dressing room.

At this moment, the supervisor was apologizing to her and saying things to flatter her.

Beside him stood a timid girl.

She must be Xiao Bais friend.

Jia Shiyun had a proud expression and looked like she couldnt be bothered.

Previously, in the entertainment industry, she had always maintained her generous and kind reputation.

She had suppressed herself for so long that she almost went crazy.

Coupled with the fact that she now had nothing to do with Lu Group, she could not be bothered to change her negative image anymore.

She simply let herself go and ordered people around.

No matter what the supervisor said, she did not relent.

Ever since she was pregnant with this child, Lu Tianci started treating her like a treasure.

If not for the fact that the organizer of this event was related to Lu Tianci, she would not even want to come to this event and would just rest at home.

However, she could get money by participating in this event and avoid Sheng Xiaotangs eyes and ears.

She had no reason to refuse.

Lu Tianci arranged for someone to pick her up and accompany her.

The level of hospitality she enjoyed here was of the highest standard.

It was extremely luxurious, which resulted in Jia Shiyuns arrogant attitude.

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