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Su Bei nodded vigorously.

“Thats probably why Grandma didnt dare to tell Mom.

Thats why Mom guessed that I was pregnant.”

After thinking this through, Su Bei felt sorry for Han Qingwan.

To some older people, heirs were more important than anything else.

Naturally, they were also more important than daughters-in-law without any blood ties.

Therefore, Old Madam Lu would acknowledge Lu Tianqing and Lu Tianci.

On account of Lu Tiancis child, she would also leave the shares to him.

This kind of thinking was understandable, but it was really easy to be disappointed.

Lu Heting saw the change in Su Beis expression and could almost read her thoughts.

He reached out and pulled her into his arms.

“We cant control other peoples thoughts, but we can live the lives we want.”

Su Bei nodded gently.


Lu Tiancis official girlfriend was Sheng Xiaotang, so the person who was pregnant must be Sheng Xiaotang.

At the thought of this innocent child being used as a pawn to fight for the family fortune before it was even born, Su Bei pitied this child.

The next day, when Su Bei attended an event, Jia Shiyun also appeared.

When Jia Shiyun saw Su Bei, her eyes were filled with arrogance.

Su Bei saw that she had been driven here in a super-luxury car.

It looked like Jia Shiyun had also hooked up with someone.

Jia Shiyun walked past Su Bei.

She was dressed meticulously with a pair of exquisite flat heels.

Xiao Bai said, “I dont know what shes so proud of.

Sheng Xiaotang didnt even bring her along when she filmed commercials and TV shows.

She really thinks of herself as a famous artist.

If it werent for her deception back then, who would have given her those resources”

“Is Sheng Xiaotang still shooting advertisements”

“Yes, when I went to help Sister Qiao Mei deliver the information yesterday, I saw her hanging on a wire,” Xiao Bai said.

Su Bei thought of Lu Tianci.

Since Sheng Xiaotang was already pregnant, she should stay at home to recuperate.

After all, she was Lu Tiancis biggest chess piece.

However, not only did Sheng Xiaotang not rest, but she even hung on wires

Was she taking the pregnancy so lightly

“What other activities does she have recently”

Xiao Bai quickly scrolled through her phone.

She said, “Shell be filming for a sports variety show and a movie.

Its a martial arts movie.

Its very exciting.

Its the work of a big director known for his martial arts movies.

Everyone said that the movie this time will be very popular.”

Su Bei was a little puzzled.

Sheng Xiaotang was pregnant.

Even if she didnt rest now, she should be working less.

However, she had accepted a sports variety show and a martial arts movie

Could it be that she had looked for a surrogate

Originally, Sheng Xiaotangs matter had nothing to do with Su Bei.

If it were any other time, Su Bei would not have bothered.

But it was different now.

Lu Tiancis family had bullied her husband.

Su Bei would not sit by and do nothing.

She suddenly recalled that Jia Shiyun was wearing flat shoes just now.

With Jia Shiyuns usual style, she would never wear flat shoes on such an occasion.

Jia Shiyun usually dolled herself up no matter the occasion.

Could it be that the pregnant one was Jia Shiyun and not Sheng Xiaotang

If this was true, Su Bei really wanted to say from the bottom of her heart,This circle is so messy!

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