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However, from the looks of Old Madam Lu, someone in the Lu family was definitely pregnant.

If Su Bei was really pregnant, Han Qingwan couldnt ignore it.

Su Bei had already given birth to Da Bao and Gun Gun.

It was a big hurdle for a woman to give birth.

As a woman, Han Qingwan could understand the hardships.

With that in mind, she called Su Bei.

Su Bei was eating an apple while reading the script.

After the official announcement of her participation in the movie, the entire script was quickly sent to her.

Su Bei was thinking about her scenes.

When she picked up the phone, Han Qingwan said, “Su Bei, has the diagnosis been confirmed”

“About the child.

Youre pregnant, arent you” Han Qingwan asked bluntly.

Su Bei was so shocked that she almost choked on an apple.

“Im pregnant”

Hearing her tone, Han Qingwan was a little uncertain.

“Isnt it”

“Where did you hear that Im not planning on having another baby, and I certainly am not pregnant.”

As she spoke, Su Beis phone was taken away.

She turned around and saw that Lu Heting had returned.

He must have heard what Su Bei said as soon as he returned.

His eyebrows were furrowed as he was frowning.

He took the phone and said to Han Qingwan, “Su Bei wont have another child.

Its tough for a woman to get pregnant and deliver children.

Im sure you know this well, dont you”

Su Bei lay on the bed with her face in her hands and looked at Lu Heting.

The way he said such words was so charming.

Han Qingwan knew that Lu Heting had misunderstood and thought she was looking for Su Bei to ask her to give birth to another child.

She said, “Thats not what I meant.

I overheard your grandmother consulting the family doctor about pregnancy, so I thought that Su Bei was pregnant.

Thats why I called her.”

Lu Hetings brows relaxed, and his expression wasnt as tense.

He said calmly, “Its not Su Bei.”

“Thats good.

With Da bao and Gun Gun, whats there to be dissatisfied about” Han Qingwan said.

“Okay.” Lu Heting nodded and hung up.

Still holding her face in her hands and smiling, she sat up when he looked at her.

“What did Mom say”

“She said Grandma was looking for the family doctor and talking about pregnancy.

Thats why she called.

She has no intention of asking you to give birth again.”

“Thats good.” Su Bei was relieved.

Lu Heting looked relieved and gentle.

He reached out and stroked her hair.

“We already have two sons.

No matter what the family says, as long as we dont want to, no one can force us to have children.”

When facing Su Bei, he was gentle.

His coldness was directed at those who were hostile to Su Bei.

Su Bei tilted her head and said, “But why did Grandma consult the doctor about pregnancy for no reason Could it be that Lu Weijians girlfriend is pregnant”

“He has to have a girlfriend for that to happen,” Lu Heting said mercilessly.

Su Bei burst out laughing.

It was too cruel, but it was really too funny.

She couldnt help it.

Lu Weijians ears burned as he sneezed.

Who was thinking of him

After laughing, Su Bei remembered.

“If Lu Tianci has a girlfriend, it must be Lu Tianci.

No wonder Grandma wanted to give him her shares the last time.

It turns out that his girlfriend has a child.

In that case, everything makes sense.”

Lu Heting also remembered.

“You have a point.

It should be him.”

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