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Chapter 124: Chapter124 Su Bei, You Are Fired

At the same time, Fan Yingfang stood in front of her and said loudly in English, “Su Bei, you are fired.”

“Manager Fan, what has Su Bei done Why did you make this decision all of a sudden” Lv Shan strode forward.

Fan Yingfang said coldly, “We have given her a chance, but she is not suitable and doesnt perform well, right”

Lv Shan argued with her, but Fan Yingfang ignored Lv Shan.

Fan Yingfangs evaluation of Su Beis performance was biased.

Seeing all this, Su Huixian couldnt help feeling happy.

Fan Yingfang had been helping her all the time, but it seemed that it was also because of the performance of Su Bei.

Su Bei really didnt meet the requirements of Jin Xiu, so Su Bei was unlucky.

She had just heard the praises from the staff around her.

They must compliment her on her performance!

Su Huixian got ready and went to shoot with other models.

The staff came forward and asked Lv Shan and Su Bei to leave together.

“Su Bei.” Lu Heting strode to Su Bei.

He protected her and took her away from the scene.

Lv Shan was furious.

“Whats wrong with Fan Yingfang I cant see any problem with the contract and everything is fine.

How could she make such a decision”

She had seen with her own eyes that there was nothing wrong with Su Beis performance.

Baizen and the staff had been constantly praising Su Bei.

It was obvious that most of the praises were for Su Bei.

Lv Shan couldnt find the reason, so she had to go back to the hotel with Su Bei and Lu Heting.

“Im going to talk to her.” Lv Shan picked up her phone and went back to her room.

Su Bei was also very frustrated.

She didnt do anything wrong, and she believed that her performance was not bad.

But Fan Yingfang suddenly made such a decision.

“Lu Heting, do you know what happened” Su Bei asked.

She had been shooting all the time and didnt care much about Fan Yingfang.

“Fan Yingfang asked me to drive the car for her.

Otherwise, you will be disqualified from being the chosen representative,” said Lu Heting, raising his eyebrows slightly.

Su Bei was frowning slightly.

“She has gone too far! How could she do this! Although you are handsome and capable, she cant threaten you to stay with her in this way.

Besides, you are married.

You are my husband.

She knows that.”

Su Bei was angry.

Her head was full of the fact that Lu Heting was her husband, and Fan Yingfang couldnt meddle in her love life to destroy her marriage!

Seeing that she was a little jealous, Lu Heting was in a good mood.

He asked in a low voice, “You dont want me to leave”

“Of course! You are a human, not an item.

She cant do anything she wants with you!”

“I wont go.

I refused her.

Im yours, right” Lu Heting looked down at her seriously.

Su Bei heaved a great sigh of relief.

As soon as she looked up, she saw the deep and dark vortex in the eyes of Lu Heting.

His tone was low, and unhurried, with an irresistible affection.

Su Bei was slightly surprised, and her heart skipped a beat because of his eyes.

Didnt he say that it was the same for him to decide whom to marry There was no essential difference between her and other women.

Only then did Su Bei feel relieved to let him and Gun Gun move in with her.

But the affection in his eyes now made Su Bei a little uncomfortable.


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