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[If it werent for the fact that the occasion is inappropriate, Id really like to ship Su Bei and Camilan.

Dont you think they make quite a sweet pair]

[I agree! Theyre indeed quite sweet.

A super-invincible genius director and a talented and beautiful actress.

Its quite a nice ship, isnt it]

[And look closely at Director Camilan.

Although she looks a little masculine, its mainly because of her dressing and makeup.

In fact, her facial features look quite good, and shes especially mature.]

[Is anyone writing stories about this ship I promise to tip, vote, and subscribe immediately! Please, writers!]

[Speaking of which, Im going to start cursing Tian Xin again.

I think Tian Xin is jealous that Su Bei is young and beautiful, so she became an old witch!]

Tian Xin tried her best to reduce the traction of her news, but Su Beis official announcement brought it up again.

The image of her as an old witch had now taken root.

There were also some talented netizens who photoshopped her photo and made her look like an old witch.

They made her into various stickers, and the words accompanying them were especially funny.

[If I say that you guys are having an affair, then you guys are having an affair!]

[Women are nothing.

You bow your head to those filthy unspoken rules!]

As these memes spread, Tian Xins matter became a foregone conclusion.

All along, Tian Xin had been very confident in her appearance and had taken particularly good care of herself.

She would never admit defeat, nor would she admit that she was old.

However, this time, as these memes became popular, her image in everyones minds was closer to the wrinkled, dejected, sinister, and vicious appearance in the memes.

It was no longer the perfect beautiful image she had been maintaining.

Although Tian Xin had thought of spending money to solve the problem, matters on the internet spread too quickly now.

Moreover, everyone was passionate about creating their own works, so Tian Xin had to continuously spend money.

She finally realized that she was out of touch with the times.

Han Qingwan had also been paying attention to this matter.

Seeing that Su Bei had won this battle, she couldnt help but smile.

The nanny smiled and said, “Young Madam is really quite good.

She caused this woman to fail miserably.”

“It seems that Su Bei knows how to strike at Tian Xins sore spot,” Han Qingwan said with a smile.

Her mood lifted, and her complexion improved as well.

When she walked downstairs, she saw Old Madam Lu talking to the family doctor about pregnancy.

Han Qingwans heart skipped a beat.

Was Su Bei pregnant again

Lu Weijian had never interacted with women.

The only possibility was Su Bei.

However, when Han Qingwan went over, Old Madam Lu kept quiet and the family doctor also left.

Han Qingwan asked with a smile, “Mom, whos pregnant”

“No one.

I was just asking,” Old Madam Lu said.

Of course, she was concerned about Sheng Xiaotangs pregnancy.

Ever since Lu Tianci and Sheng Xiaotang told her that they were expecting, Old Madam Lu had been abnormally concerned.

However, she couldnt tell Han Qingwan about this.

If she did, something would happen sooner or later.

Seeing that she was being secretive, Han Qingwan did not ask further.

Not many in-laws could get along well with each other.

It was the same for her and Old Madam Lu.

On the surface, they were calm and harmonious, but they could not withstand any storms.

Since Old Madam Lu did not say anything, she did not ask further.

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