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Netizens nowadays had learned to look at things in many ways and wait for the final result after taking into consideration the strong evidence.

Instead of becoming Tian Xins blade to stab Su Bei, they stabbed Tian Xin instead.

Seeing the insults on the internet, Tian Xins heart ached.

It was too uncomfortable.

She had been popular all her life and rarely suffered because of her beauty.

Now, she was being insulted by so many unrelated people.

It was far beyond her imagination.

Lu Tianqing reached out and snatched her phone away.

She put it aside and said, “Mom, stop looking.

These people have parents but they clearly didnt educate them.

Why bother reading their comments and getting angry at them”

“Back in my time, who would argue with their seniors like this They would have been scolded to death long ago,” said Tian Xin.

Lu Tianqing said, “Mom, Ill release the news that Im participating in the political movie now.

Well be able to suppress this matter soon.

Im also making arrangements with Tianci.

Well release news of his artists to reduce the traction of your news.

Soon, no one will continue to pay attention to this matter.”

“Go ahead,” Tian Xin said.

She looked at the comments.

She was indeed exhausted and didnt want to take another look.

Lu Tianqing left quickly.

Lu Tianci posted some news about his artists.

Lu Tianqing also announced that she was going to participate in the political movie.

This time, many people were paying attention to the political movie.

Currently, the cast list was being released one name after another.

As soon as the news of Lu Tianqings participation in the political movie was released, it attracted a wave of attention.

Everyone started discussing enthusiastically.

Lu Tianqings fans also began to speak up for Tian Xin.

In short, the effect Lu Tianqing wanted was achieved.

The matter of Su Bei being angry at Tian Xin was already discussed all night.

The effect had already decreased, and now, all attention was on Lu Tianqings news.

When Lu Tianqing and Tianxin saw this result, their expressions finally relaxed a little.

At this moment, the official Weibo account of the political movie posted a message while tagging Su Bei: [Welcome, Miss Su, to our big family.

Lets make our own contributions and efforts to the cultural cause of S Country.

Teacher Su, please take care of us.]

The outside world had also been waiting for these announcements.

It could be said that everyone was looking forward to learning who was joining the cast.

Especially the artists themselves and their teams, they were all waiting for this.

They also hoped to use this to enhance their status and advance their careers.

Even Lu Tianqing valued this opportunity very much.

While everyone was waiting, Su Bei silently obtained this opportunity.

The artists themselves understood the importance of this role, and the fans even more so.

As soon as the official Weibo results were out, Su Beis fans erupted.

[Su Bei is mighty.

Were proud of you!]

[As an actress of the younger generation, Su Bei has worked hard in her acting career.

She respects the seniors in the industry and is not afraid of power.

Her deeds are worth learning from.

Congratulations to actress Su Bei for winning the role.]

[Congratulations, Actress Su Bei!]

[Congratulations, Su Bei!]

Therefore, the matter that had just died down surfaced again.

[What does this mean It means that the official party knows that Su Bei was framed.

Theyre clearing her name in this way!]

[The eyes of the crowd are sharp.

Everyone knows what kind of person Su Bei is.

Lets not be afraid of rumors and move forward bravely! Well always support you, dear Su Bei!”

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