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Now that such a thing had suddenly been exposed, they couldnt help but take the initiative to speak up.

[Director Camilan has never said that she was a man, and she was also very worried about her private life being exposed online.

For so many years, apart from filming, shes been doing various activities that helped children and women.

She never once relied on selling her persona.

If it werent for Tian Xin deliberately misleading people, they wouldnt have bothered with her at all and she wouldnt have needed to expose her identity.

You guys were the first to stir up trouble, yet you still think youre the reasonable ones, right]

[The first to stir problems is the problematic one! Tian Xin and her fans, this refers to you!]

This chaotic battle naturally entered the eyes of the casting and directing team of the political movie.

Previously, they had been hesitating about selecting Su Bei even though in terms of acting skills and image, Su Bei was definitely qualified to be selected.

However, it was because of her scandal with Camilan that everyone was repeatedly unable to make a final decision.

At this moment, everyone had seen the trending searches and read about the entire scandal.

Even the fact that Camilan was a woman had been exposed.

They could not help but feel ashamed of their previous thoughts.

The female director in the casting team stood up at that moment.

As a woman, she was better able to put herself in the other womans shoes.

She had experienced how difficult it was for a woman.

Whether it was in the workplace or in the family, the slightest moral flaw could destroy a woman.

And because of that, there were people who preferred to use moral standards to make demands from female artists and smear their names with such things.

She was thrilled by Su Beis retort.

This was what she wanted.

When one encountered injustice, one had to voice out and clarify it.

One had to be brave enough to say no to the evil forces suppressing ones head no matter how domineering they were.

Otherwise, one would have fewer and fewer opportunities to voice out.

She suppressed her excitement and said, “Everyone, are you convinced that theres no problem with Su Bei now”

The other directors had already approved of Su Beis ability right from the start.

The only thing they were worried about was getting dragged down by her scandals.

However, now that it was proven that Su Bei had been framed, everything was easier.

The casting directors were respectable and talented people.

They looked at each other and nodded at the same time.

“Im fine with it.”

The executive director pushed open the door and said, “Everyone, what do you think about Su Bei”

“I think we can proceed with her.”

Ever since the director saw Su Beis audition the last time, he had given her his approval.

However, he had to respect his colleagues opinions.

Therefore, after seeing the clarification on the internet, he quickly confirmed the authenticity of the matter in the circle and confirmed that Camilan was indeed a woman.

Hence, he immediately rushed over to ask everyones opinion.

The executive director smiled knowingly at everyones answer.

It seemed that everyone had been paying attention to this matter, so everyone knew how it had ended.

Su Bei wouldnt be oppressed.

Nor should Su Bei be oppressed.

Tian Xin was facing the biggest crisis in her life.

She never expected trouble to come from her own mouth.

It was true that she had not faced the fans enthusiasm for many years, nor had she faced the fans super combat power.

She was being chewed out on the internet.

Times had changed.

It wasnt the same as it had been in her day when all reports could easily be artificially interfered with.

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