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[Im especially sympathetic to this kind of thing.

There are always people around who take advantage of their age and impose their opinions and thoughts on others.

If you dont do what they want, theyll blame you in all kinds of ways.

A move like Tian Xins has caused me to feel both psychological and physical discomfort [hands up].]

[Su Bei, well done! Other artists are clearly trying their best to protect this circle, but some people are so self-righteous that they want to jump out and slander their own circle! If it were me, I would also retort!]

[Seriously, if Director Camilan hadnt exposed that she was a woman, wouldnt Su Bei be unable to clear her name Tian Xin is really shameless!]

[In this era, women like to make things difficult for other women.

Many people have said that its a pleasure to work with Su Bei.

Su Beis acting skills are also obvious, but a certain someone just had to attack her.]

[Its really not easy for Su Bei.

Fortunately, Director Camilan is a woman.

Otherwise, I dont know what Tian Xin would have said.]

[The host is right.

What you see might not be true, and what you hear is even more false.

Rumors come from such irresponsible people!]

[Thats right, thats right.

Shes even a vice president.

She even hung out in Hollywood and was a movie queen back then.

She didnt know that Director Camilan was a woman, but she dared to say that she knew about her private life.

How could she have the cheek to say that]

[Su Bei is so straightforward!]

[Some seniors really owe the public an apology!]

[I support Xiao Bei.

Xiao Bei is the best!]

“I urge everyone to not believe in rumors, and definitely dont spread them.

But when facing malicious rumors, dont be afraid.

You must protect your interests openly! All the best! Well always support Su Bei!]

The matter of Su Bei angering Tian Xin caused a heated discussion on the internet.

It was mainly because over the years, everyone valued their privacy and rights.

Tian Xins previous actions had long reminded them of their relatives, friends, neighbors, and aunts.

Now, this matter reminded them of the pain of being criticized by their elders and their arbitrary guesses.

Therefore, they could empathize with Su Bei.

Even if they were not fans, they still stood on Su Beis side and took the initiative to speak up for her.

Of course, Tian Xins fans were also putting up a struggle.

For example, they said that Su Bei didnt know how to respect her seniors and was too aggressive and rude.

They also railed against Camilan for being a liar and deliberately disguising her gender.

She was clearly a woman, yet she used her male identity to attract fans and deceive everyones feelings.

However, they were scolded by even more netizens.

[Seniors who are worthy of respect should be respected, not the seniors who casually insult and slander others.]

[I think Su Bei is quite polite.

Tian Xin went overboard previously, but she didnt say anything.

Even a rabbit will bite when forced to.

Is it reasonable for Su Bei to let others hit and scold her without retaliating Why]

Fans of Camilan were triggered as well.

They didnt speak up when Camilan was slandered.

They didnt think it was necessary.

However, they were angry now as well.

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