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“Okay, then Ill sleep with you.” Su Bei took Da Baos hand.

With the two munchkins on her left and right, there was no spot for Lu Heting.

He could only follow behind the three of them.

After going back and making arrangements for the two munchkins to sleep, Su Bei finally had time to change her clothes.

“The fact that Camilan is a woman was sensational tonight.

A lot of people were shocked.” She removed her makeup while looking in the mirror.

Behind her, Lu Heting helped her pull down the long zipper of her red gown.

The zipper was unzipped, and the skin that was exposed was smooth and delicate.

It was fair, pure, and flawless.

The mans throat moved slightly, and he didnt hear what Su Bei was saying at all.

His mind was no longer on those things either.

“Actually, I had a vague feeling that something was up with Camilan before.

I just didnt expect it to be so explosive.” Su Bei felt a slight chill on her back and the sting of his stubble.

She bit her lip slightly.

“Did you hear what I said”

“Yes, youre talking about Camilan.” Lu Heting kissed her back, his long fingers sliding over it.

“What did I say about Camilan” Su Bei continued, also a little distracted by him.

Lu Heting reached out to help her change and picked her up.

“Youre tired.

You should wash up and sleep, okay”

Su Bei was weightless in the air.

She hooked her arms around his neck, and her head began to spin.

She had completely forgotten about Camilan by now.

Who cared about Camilan What she felt at the moment mattered more.

That night, the video of Su Bei berating Tian Xin at the scene was uploaded.

It quickly reached the top of the real-time hot search list, followed by a big red symbol that readExplosive!

The second on the list wasCamilan is a woman.

During this period of time, Su Bei, who had been boycotted and mocked by Tian Xin, had long become a hot topic.

Su Beis participation in various unspoken rules had also become a hot topic.

Even the name Camilan was repeatedly mentioned.

During this period, Su Bei and her team did not do any public relations.

It was precisely because of this that the anti-fans and her loyal fans had fought many times.

All kinds of comments flew everywhere.

When everyone was at a loss, the video of Su Bei raging at Tian Xin exploded.

The effect was undoubtedly the greatest.

It was like a volcanic eruption, detonating the firepower that everyone had been accumulating for a long time.

The comments said everything.

[What did I say Dont talk about things without evidence.

So what if shes a senior Can a senior casually gossip and spread rumors about others]

[Look at Tian Xin.

Doesnt she look like those old grannies on our streets who gossip That face of hers is really hateful!]

[To the commenter above, you forgot that Tian Xin didnt say anything about Su Bei.

Who asked Su Bei to rush to admit it What did Tian Xin do wrong]

[The person above, Tian Xin didnt say anything about Su Bei Should I send you the link to the video and let you take a good look at it Tian Xin was just short of pointing at Su Beis nose and scolding her again and again.

Su Bei just never responded.

Tian Xin was really energetic, huh! Su Bei really did a good job this time! Its only right that Su Bei scolds someone who likes to criticize others!]

[I agree.

Of course, Su Bei has the right to refute!]

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