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After the event, Su Bei and Camilan graciously accepted some more interviews before leaving together.

When they came out, Su Bei smiled and said, “Director Camilan, its all thanks to you this time.”

“Im clearing things up for myself as well.

Am I supposed to stand by and watch my reputation go up in flames” Camilan said with a grin.

When she clarified her identity, Su Bei realized that although her voice was low, it was still a little different from a mans.

It was just a rare female voice.

It was obvious how much people relied on what their eyes saw when forming conclusions.

They completely reversed a persons gender just because of some inherent characteristics.

“If you hadnt contacted me, I really wouldnt have been able to fight back against Tian Xin.

This time, its all thanks to you.”

Camilan smiled.

“No harm done.

You said it yourself.

Were friends, arent we”

Su Bei smiled.

“Then Ill treat it as a mutual favor between friends.”

“Until next time, then.” Nodding, Camilan turned and disappeared into the night.

Su Bei got into the nanny van.

With Qiao Meis calm personality, she couldnt help but pat her chest.

“Fortunately, we had a trump card.

Thats why this matter was resolved so smoothly.

Its just that I didnt expect her to be a woman.

Did you know before this”

“I didnt know either.” Su Bei shook her head.

She had only guessed.

She did not expect Camilan to take the initiative to help clarify.

Qiao Mei reached out to tidy up Su Beis clothes and said, “Alright, go back and wash up, then have a good sleep.

It seems that the entire public opinion tonight will be aimed at Tian Xin!”

The nanny van sent Su Bei to the apartment she lived in.

Qiao Mei glanced at the apartment and said, “The place you live in isnt very safe.

Ive suggested a few times to Manager Li to move you elsewhere, but I dont know whats wrong with Manager Li.

He keeps refusing.

Hes really stingy.”

“No, no, no, Sister Mei.

Im fine living here.

Dont make me move.

You know I dislike being inconvenienced the most.” Su Bei quickly made a begging gesture.

As for Manager Li, would he dare to let her live somewhere else Wouldnt he be cut to death

Qiao Mei smiled and said, “Okay, okay.

Ill try to give you more subsidies next time.

Ill give you two more bodyguards, okay”

“Thats pretty good.

Thank you, Sister Qiao Mei.”

After getting out of the car, Su Bei went straight home.

Lu Heting was still making some changes to this neighborhood.

Although there were still other residents in the building where Su Bei lived, they had slowly been relocated to other buildings.

Because the building where Su Bei lived was in the innermost part of the neighborhood, the various passageways had been changed to lead directly to the building.

Hence, privacy and safety were practically guaranteed.

Su Bei had lived here for so long, but she had never been recognized or harassed.

The safety of the two munchkins could also be guaranteed.

Su Bei went straight to her place.

Lu Heting came down to fetch her with the two munchkins.

Gun Gun immediately ran over when he saw Su Bei.

He hugged her legs and climbed up like a little monkey.

Su Bei scooped him up and kissed him a few times before asking, “Why arent you asleep”

“I couldnt sleep when Bei Bei wasnt home,” the kid said matter-of-factly.

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