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After all, the identity of a director was not as popular as that of an artist.

There were not many opportunities for Camilan to come to Country S.

Therefore, the reporters in Country S had never questioned her gender before, let alone explored it.

The host also said nimbly, “So in fact, many rumors and prejudices cant be trusted.

Today, Director Camilan stood in front of us with short hair and spoke with a slightly lower voice.

Just because of that, weve been treating her as a man and have never questioned this for so many years.

However, in fact, sometimes what you see might not necessarily be true.

Its easier to believe what you hear.

The matter with Director Camilan tells us even more about this.

Those rumors about Su Bei are probably also nothing.”

The host was indeed a host.

Initially, she was on Tian Xins side, but now, seeing that the public opinion would turn to Su Beis side, her response immediately changed.

Of course, the production team also had such intentions.

No one was willing to go against the public.

The reporters still had a bunch of questions for Camilan and Su Bei.

They all rushed toward them with long microphones.

Su Bei held the microphone and smiled brightly.

“The host is right.

What the eyes see is not necessarily true, and its even more so for what the ears hear.

I dont know why that particular senior insisted on saying such things as if she had seen with her own eyes that theres a shameful relationship between me and Director Camilan.

What we have is just friendship.

“I think that as juniors, we should respect our seniors, because every path we take now was forged by their hard work and experience.

Our glory also has its share of their sweat.

Well inherit excellence, discard the dross, and strive to do better.

“But what about some seniors Shouldnt they be good examples for their juniors They shouldnt casually believe in rumors and spread them.

Cant they wipe their eyes and see more facts clearly Moreover, shouldnt they sincerely apologize for their mistake of deceiving the public”

Su Beis words clearly pointed to Tian Xin, who was sitting below the stage.

At this moment, Tian Xin was indeed not as calm as before.

She had indeed never expected Camilan to be a woman!

The fact that Camilan dared to say that in public meant there had to be evidence.

The move had caught her off guard.

If she spread rumors about a woman and a woman, it would essentially cause public dissatisfaction.

And Su Bei was getting more and more aggressive.

Tian Xin kept smiling but said nothing.

Su Beis smile widened.

“Some so-called insiders dared to talk about Director Camilans private matters without even knowing her gender.

Everyone is very smart, so I hope we wont be misled in the future.”

Su Bei had said everything she needed to say, and the reporters returned with a full load.

Su Bei and Camilan held hands and sat in the front row not far from Tianxin and Lu Tianqing.

Tian Xin was still smiling, but because she was too angry, her fingers were trembling.

Lu Tianqing squeezed her mothers fingers and barely calmed her down.

Tian Xin wasnt in the mood for the rest of the event.

In the second half of the show, she went to the bathroom and stayed there for a while.

She reapplied her makeup before returning to the public eye.

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