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After Su Bei finished speaking, the reporters were in an uproar for a while before asking, “So, all the rumors were spread with ulterior motives”

This time, Su Bei didnt answer.

The man who took the microphone was Camilan.

The host was supposed to control the entire process and not let Su Bei and Camilan be asked so many questions.

However, the situation was too intense.

Even the host himself wanted to know how the situation would develop.

Of course, she had no way of controlling the situation now.

Everyone wanted to continue to know where this was going.

Fortunately, the organizer also said to the host, “It doesnt matter if they take longer.

Let Su Bei speak.”

The organizers also knew that only when there was something explosive would there be popularity.

Since Su Bei wanted to stand out, it was normal for them to make use of her.

It had been a long time since such an explosive event had happened in the entertainment industry.

Tonight, the entire event would definitely become the most influential event of the year.

After Camilan took the microphone, the reporter immediately asked, “Mr.

Camilan, are you going to clarify the scandal on behalf of Su Bei What do you think of the rumors about you”

Camilan was well versed in the language and culture of S Country.

He did not need a translator to understand the reporters words.

He could even answer the reporters questions himself.

Holding the microphone, he smiled and said, “Here, I ask all reporters to address me as Ms.

Camilan and not Mr.


Her words caused an uproar.

“Camilan is female”

“But they always said she was a man.

No one ever contradicted that.”

“Whats going on Is there something else going on”

“I heard something, but did I hear correctly”


Camilan, no, Ms.

Camilan, can you tell us whats going on” It was the host who was more tactful.

He immediately took control of the situation and steered the conversation in the normal direction.

Camilan always wore a small mask over the bottom half of her face that hid half her features.

However, the rest of her body was relatively masculine.

Her eyebrows were thick, and the corners of her jaw were sharply angled.

Hence, no one had ever questioned her identity.

However, she had now admitted that she was a woman.

Apart from being curious, everyone wanted to know the details.

Camilan smiled and said, “Everyone, when I was working in Europe, I always had short hair.

Back then, everyone called me Mr.


For safety and convenience, I didnt object or clarify.

Years have passed since then.

The outside world has gotten used to thinking of me as a man, but Im still a woman.

Its the gender I was born with.

If you dont believe me, you can check my credentials and look for the relevant authorities to authenticate this fact.”

“So Director Camilan really is female.”

“I really didnt expect this.

Then the rumors about her and Su Bei can be considered to have collapsed, right”

“Thats the last thing I expected.

Its unpredictable.”

“I suppose theres just pure friendship between her and Su Bei”

“You dont say.

Actually, the two would make quite a good pair.

Director Camilans facial features are quite good.”

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