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Chapter 1231: So Much

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Tian Xin looked at Su Bei without anger.

She sat steadily with a proper smile on her face and maintained the demeanor of a senior.

She knew in her heart that the more publicly Su Bei mocked her, the worse she would lose and the more public opinion would be against her.

She was proficient in manipulating reporters and fans.

After all, Su Bei was still too young and would definitely fall into her trap.

Go ahead and curse! It would be best if Su Bei scolded her as fiercely as possible so that Tian Xin could gain more benefits.

Sure enough, as Tianxin had expected, Su Bei continued, “I know that most of the seniors are still talented, but there are indeed some who are not good enough to interfere with someones career.

The entertainment industry is indeed a place of fame and fortune.

Everyones life is being watched by many eyes, and there are all kinds of rumors.

Some people who dont know our circle will think that this industry is especially messy and dirty, but we ourselves know that this is just a place where we work.

Its a place where we make a living.

Apart from the fact that there is indeed a small portion of dirt and chaos, most people are still working seriously to support their families and realize their dreams.

Were just working hard to move forward.”

These words made many artists below the stage empathize with her.

Everyone was afraid of certain comments from the outside world.

There were also many cases of the entertainment industry being demonized.

When this industry was mentioned, others would talk about how terrible it was.

It was as if everyone here was promiscuous and practiced those unspoken rules.

There were a lot of such phenomena in this circle, but it would be a great injustice to others who were serious and hardworking to assume it was always the case.

Therefore, after Su Bei finished speaking, someone took the lead and applauded.

Then, everyone gradually joined in on the applause.

The claps resounded throughout the entire event venue.

Although this applause did not mean anything, it was no different from slapping Tian Xin in the face.

This was because everyone could tell that these words were first directed at Tian Xin, then the others.

When the applause stopped, Su Bei said, “Our working environment has already been demonized, yet some seniors are taking the initiative to plant more scandals in our circle.

I wonder what their intentions are Were all adults with rational thinking.

I hope everyone can think about the logic behind this.”

Tian Xins expression did not change.

She even wanted to give Su Bei a thumbs up.

Although Su Beis words made sense, she did not clarify the scandal at all.

What was the use of just talking about logic After the news came out, wouldnt they still blame everything on Su Bei

Young people were still too impulsive.

Lu Tianqing tilted her head and said to Tian Xin softly, “Mom, it seems that Lu Heting is just so-so.

His artists dont have any sense of crisis at all.

They only care about their own happiness, but they dont know what kind of waves they will cause tomorrow.”

“Thats right.

No wonder Di Xing Media Company has been relying on the Lu Group for so many years.

Its just an ordinary second-rate entertainment company,” said Tian Xin.

The reason why Di Xing Media was only a second-rate entertainment company and didnt become a top entertainment company was that Han Qingwan didnt like this company back then.

Lu Heting and Lu Weijian hadnt really invested in it either.

However, Tian Xin did not understand this logic.

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