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“Director Camilan and I are partners and friends.

Its normal for us to appear together, right” Su Bei said with a smile.

“Of course,” the host said.

“Were glad to have you here.

Director Camilan, you even came from afar.

Were honored.”

The reporters also seized the opportunity to ask, “Su Bei, there have been quite a lot of rumors about you and Director Camilan recently.

I wonder if youre prepared to face such rumors today”

Su Bei smiled and said, “I dont know what the rumors about me and Director Camilan are or where they came from.”

In order to dig up more news, the reporter said, “Theres a senior present here today who spread this news.”

Everyone admired the courage of the reporter who spoke.

He did not hesitate to openly provoke conflict.

However, this was the profession of a reporter.

They always had to make some big news.

Besides, this opportunity was so rare today.

As soon as the reporter asked the question, everyone subconsciously looked at Tian Xin.

Tian Xin stuck out her chest and raised her head, looking fearless and open.

She had indeed said something, but she knew that she had said nothing wrong.

She didnt believe that the rumors about Su Bei and Camilan were groundless.

Did Su Bei dare to confront her on the spot

Seeing Tian Xin like this, everyone couldnt help but worry for Su Bei.

Tian Xin was an early movie queen and had a vice president position in Hollywood and S Countrys Film Association.

Although Su Bei had also achieved good results, she was only a rising star.

Compared to Tian Xin, Su Bei was really lacking.

Besides, how could Su Bei clarify the scandal

Perhaps because they had a natural sense of closeness to good-looking people, the reporters were a little worried for Su Bei.

It was troublesome to get involved in scandals, and it was really not a wise move to openly confront a senior.

However, some of the reporters were flushed with excitement because it seemed that they would be able to get their hands on exciting news.

No matter how Su Bei responded, the outcome that awaited her was big news to the reporters.

Su Beis expression did not change at all.

She looked at Tian Xin and said with a smile, “So, its a respected senior.

However, I really didnt expect you to have the time to care about my personal matters.

I truly didnt expect this.

I thought you were busy improving your personal abilities and guiding your juniors to do more meaningful things.”

As soon as she said this, she slapped Tian Xin in the face by implying that she was not doing her job and was no different from a gossipy woman.

The reporters waiting for the news were all shocked.

Su Bei was too bold!

They only wanted a headline, but Su Bei directly gave them an explosive piece of news!

Everyone kept pressing the shutter to capture the scene of Su Bei being straightforward.

Su Bei actually didnt have any special feelings for a mistress like Tian Xin.

If others wanted to be a mistress, she couldnt stop them, right

She had no intention of defending Han Qingwan.

That was between the main wife and the mistress.

Her heart ached for Lu Heting.

Because of this scumbag father and mistress, Lu Heting suffered a lot since he was young.

Now, this mistress actually wanted to publicly humiliate his company and his artists

Who gave this mistress the courage

Did she ask for Su Beis permission

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