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“But Tian Xin is the vice president of the Film Association and the movie queen of the past.

She wouldnt slander a young junior, right”


Lets take photos first.

Weve already got the headlines for tonight.”

“Yes, yes, yes.

Lets not miss the headlines tonight.

Su Beis matter has been the most popular recently.”

Tian Xin and Lu Tianqing heard everything.

The other reporters probably had the same thoughts.

They couldnt wait to go to Su Bei so that they could get more photos and news.

Lu Tianqing originally thought that with her mothers appearance today, their names would be all over the headlines.

The competition between artists nowadays was especially fierce.

Many media outlets would choose the most popular artist of the night to post about so that they could hike up the traffic.

The other popular artists could only play supporting roles.

Unless the artist paid for a feature.

However, Lu Tianqing did not allocate the budget for this tonight.

After all, Tian Xin had been really popular recently.

The mother-daughter pair was also a hot topic.

She snorted.

“I really didnt expect Su Bei to be so shameless.

For the sake of traffic, she didnt avoid suspicion at all and actually appeared with Camilan.”

Tian Xin nodded and said, “Thats right.

I really underestimated her self-esteem.

It turns out that the artists under Lu Group are just so-so.”

“Look at her.

Not only is she not ashamed of this matter, but shes also proud of it.

Its really disgusting,” Lu Tianqing commented in a low voice.

Tian Xin looked in Su Beis direction.

Su Bei was indeed like a fish in water on this occasion.

She came hand in hand with Camilan and spoke with confidence.

She faced the reporters with poise.

She was indeed a natural star.

She was born to do this.

Tian Xin guessed that Su Bei was also well-versed in the rules of survival in this circle.

Nothing was more important than popularity.

As long as she was shameless, she could obtain popularity.

As long as she clung to Camilan, she could obtain resources.

What was there to be afraid of

She had really underestimated Su Bei.

Lu Tianqing maintained a smile on the surface, but she despised Su Bei in her heart.

Tian Xin tilted her head and said to her with a smile, “Since Su Bei doesnt care about her reputation, she can forget about getting a role in the political movie this time.”

Lu Tianqings smile became real as she thought to herself,Indeed, that political movie pays a lot of attention to the character of the artist and their past history.

Since Su Bei is in a hurry to confirm her scandal, she basically took the initiative to give up that opportunity.

As for me, Ive already received the notice to participate.

Su Bei is indeed too forward-thinking.”

On the red carpet, Su Bei and Camilan walked over together.

Originally, every star who walked down the red carpet had a relatively fixed time.

For example, if it was a minute, then everyone who appeared would only have a minute.

However, as the reporters were too enthusiastic, Su Bei and Camilan had been surrounded on the red carpet for more than three minutes.

It was only when the host smiled and helped them out that Su Bei and Camilan were saved from being surrounded by reporters.

They finally walked to the front of the stage.

Su Beis popularity was obvious.

When Su Bei and Camilan came to the front of the stage, the host would interview them briefly.

The reporters would also throw out two or three questions to interact with them.

Then, the artists would leave the stage and sit down.

The host smiled and said, “Su Bei, I really didnt expect you to appear with Director Camilan.”

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