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“So it turns out that President Tian doesnt judge a person based on what she sees but based on the rumors she hears from elsewhere.” Lu Hetings tone was mocking.

No one had expected this either.

Previously, Tian Xin had sworn that Su Bei was immoral.

They thought that she had seen Su Bei do scandalous things herself, but in the end, Tian Xin had just come to the conclusion after hearing rumors.

As for Lu Heting defending Su Bei, everyone felt that it was normal.

After all, Su Bei was an artist under Lu Group.

Tian Xin wasnt in a hurry.

She smiled and said, “Some rumors are spread by people in the industry, so theyre naturally credible.

Ive been in the United States for a long time, and Ive heard some things about Camilan.”

There was some truth in her words.

For a moment, no one knew whether to believe her or question her.

Lu Heting said, “Well, it just so happens that Director Camilan is known to sue those who slander him.

President Tian, since youre so confident, I hope you can testify with this same confidence in court.”

Tian Xin said, “Really Then lets hope he wins the case.

Some people really need to be taught a lesson.”

She didnt expect Lu Heting to be so stubborn as to bring up Camilans lawsuit.

She smiled.

In her words and expression, she seemed to be pretending that what she had just said had never happened.

She knew the rules of the entertainment industry very well.

As long as there was no evidence left behind, it was fine as long as she did not admit to anything.

When the time came, she would claim that it was a misunderstanding and brush it off.

At the same time, she could also gain some popularity.

It was perfect!

She was used to being tactful, but Lu Heting couldnt be bothered to waste his breath on her.

“I wont miss the lesson, then.”

Lu Heting turned around and left.

Even though everyone was of high status, they were still stunned by Lu Hetings response and watched him leave in awe.

On the other hand, Tian Xin did not look too good after being humiliated by Lu Heting in front of everyone.

However, she recovered quickly and her expression immediately improved.

She continued to greet everyone.

After this incident, Tian Xin felt that Lu Heting was not easy to deal with.

For the sake of Lu Tiancis movie, Tian Xi took a step back.

She hired a middleman and asked him to help her pass a message to Lu Heting.

If Lu Heting agreed to stop causing trouble for Wish and let Wish be released directly, then she would stop slandering Su Bei in public.

This was the biggest concession that Tian Xin thought she could make.

Lu Heting, who had received the news, found it funny and ignored it.

Seeing that Lu Heting was silent, Tian Xin asked the middleman to send another message.

Lu Heting directly replied to the middleman: [Do the artists under Lu Group require her judgment]

The middleman understood what he meant.

With Lu Groups ability, why would they need to reconcile with Tian Xin Moreover, Tian Xin had such a high and mighty attitude.

Seeing that there was no response, Tian Xin personally came to meet the middleman.

The middleman, who was also a highly respected old man, grimaced.

“Ive delivered the message and said what I had to say.

But, President Tian, I think this matter may not be so easily resolved.”

“Im here to solve the problem with sincerity,” said Tian Xin.

“Could it be that he really doesnt care about the reputation of his artists Besides, I know that Su Bei has been fighting for a good opportunity recently.

If I dont let her go, will she really get that opportunity if her reputation continues to be so bad”

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