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“Of course,” Tian Xin said confidently.

Back when she was establishing contacts in Hollywood, she had never given up on maintaining her contacts in S Country.

Besides, she had been a popular movie queen back then.

She had known that sooner or later, she would have to fight her way back.

Han Qingwans ability was not enough to block her path.

She was fully prepared for this battle with Lu Group.

Guests gathered at the Film Associations banquet.

They were all tycoons of the entertainment industry in Country S and people like Tian Xin who had positions or connections in the Film Association.

Tian Xin walked among the crowd, chatting happily with everyone.

However, at the mention of Lu Tiancis Wish being released, those who could speak up shook their heads.

“Im really sorry, but I cant help.

Theres nothing we can do.”

Everyone was very polite and respected Tian Xin very much.

However, when it came to the problem that she really wanted to solve, everyone expressed that they couldnt help her.

Tian Xin had not expected this to happen.

Could Han Qingwans power really reach so far

Tian Xin held her wine glass and lowered her head in deep thought.

The wife of a tycoon who had a good relationship with her years ago said to her, “Perhaps you should look for that person over there.”

Tian Xin looked up and saw a young man standing there.

He was tall and slender.

He was surrounded by others as he stood in the middle of the crowd.

His temperament was outstanding, and his face was somewhat similar to Lu Yaodes.

“Whos that” she asked automatically.

“Who else could it be Hes the one in charge of the Lu family now.”

Only then did Tian Xin understand that it was Lu Heting.

Lu Heting was a low-key person and had never allowed any photos or interviews of him to be posted online.

In Tian Xins heart, he had always been the useless kid that Lu Yaode had told her about.

Hence, Tianxin had never taken him seriously.

She had never thought that he could compete with Lu Tianci.

However, when she saw Lu Heting now, she couldnt help but doubt her own thoughts.

Was this Lu Heting Han Qingwans son

Instinctively, she did not want to believe that fact.

Just then, someone else came to talk to her.

Tian Xins attention was pulled back.

Someone mentioned Su Bei.

“President Tian, youve always been strict with newcomers.

Recently, theres been a lot of talk about Su Bei.

I hope you can support the other newcomers.”

There was a reason why this person mentioned Su Bei.

It just so happened that there was an artist in the company he was working with who had been competing with Su Bei for resources recently.

If he took advantage of the situation and expressed his disapproval toward Su Bei as well, it would be very beneficial to him.

“Its our duty to help the younger generation.

However, an artist like Su Bei has a bad character.

I wont show mercy to such a newcomer.” Tian Xin still insisted on her point.

She was just saying it.

It wouldnt leave an impact.

However, she did seem a little reckless.

“President Tian, have you witnessed Su Beis bad behavior for yourself” Lu Heting raised his voice and said calmly with a dignified tone.

Everyone saw him walking over with his wine glass and made way for him.

When Tian Xin saw that he had taken the initiative to come over, she smiled.

“No, but theres no such thing as an impenetrable wall.

I always hear rumors about her.”

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