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These words were published by the media under Lu Tianqing and Lu Tianqing.

[Senior publicly criticized Su Bei for her misconduct!]

[A queen-level movie celebrity suggested banning low-quality idols like Su Bei and providing teenagers a good influence!]

[Su Bei has been criticized by the Film Association.

Her future is bleak.]

[The Film Association is calling for Su Bei to be banned! Her bad behavior as an idol will affect the growth of the younger generation!]

One had to admit that it was a brilliant move.

Tian Xins words were evasive but watertight.

On a legal level, Tian Xin and the media outlets that reported on it had all avoided risks.

Hence, no one could catch them.

And all of this had put Su Bei in a tight spot.

This had a profound impact on Su Beis audition for the movie.

The anti-fans were even more excited than anyone else.

[Even a great senior said so.

How many more days can Su Bei last]

[This kind of female artist who relies on her body to climb up the ranks should quickly disappear!]

Su Beis competitors also took this opportunity to hire anti-fans and launch another wave of unscrupulous hate comments.

As for Su Beis fans, they read the comments every day and tried their best to protect her.

They still believed in their idol.

Su Bei was very touched.

She entered the group chat a few times and told everyone that she was fine at the moment.

Everything was fine.

She would definitely repay everyones kindness with results.

With Su Beis words, the fans felt at ease.

They knew that Su Bei was invincible!

Sooner or later, this dirty stain on Su Beis reputation would be washed away.

Su Bei took part in the casting audition.

Perhaps because the malice of the outside world had struck something in her, Su Beis performance in the second audition stunned the directors who were responsible for the casting.

It was as if she were not a female artist but a female volunteer teacher.

She stood directly in front of them.

After this selection, the directors did not know what to say for a moment.

Was it out of respect for an actors basic professional ethics, or was it in reference to the groundless gossip on the internet

The four casting directors fell into another round of wild discussion.

This time, the executive director had sat behind them and seen Su Beis second audition.

Su Beis performance was breathtaking.

Even the executive director felt that missing out on Su Bei would be the biggest loss for this movie.

However, her scandal was also something that the executive director had to consider.

A political film was a film that would show the culture of the nation.

It would be shown to all young people.

He would not tolerate a flaw that could be avoided.

The movie Wish that Lu Tianci had invested in starred Sheng Xiaotang and Jia Shiyun.

They had already decided on the schedule, but it was suddenly rejected.

The release date had to be changed.

Lu Tianci was dumbfounded.

But Tian Xin knew the reason.

“Weve caused so much trouble for Su Bei.

How can Lu Group not retaliate It seems that Han Qingwan is indeed not easy to deal with.”

She also firmly believed that Han Qingwans son was not capable.

All of this was done by Han Qingwan.

In fact, when she reached out to deal with Su Bei, Lu Heting didnt stay idle.

Since Lu Tianci wanted to occupy S Countrys market so much, Lu Heting would not even allow his movie to be screened.

Lu Tianci said, “Mom, you have to help me with this.

You have connections in the Film Association, so everyone will definitely give you face.”

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