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In Di Xing Media Company, Qiao Mei was so angry that her face turned red.

“Tian Xin is an old senior, yet she actually said such irresponsible words!” Qiao Mei knocked on the table.

“Now is the critical moment when Su Bei is in the midst of auditioning.

With such a scandal, although weve already suppressed the news, how can it not affect Su Bei”

Li Qisheng was also filled with anger.

“Thats right.

Tian Xin hasnt been back for many years.

Who knows why she did such a thing the moment she returned Even if its for her daughters sake, its too much for her to do this to Su Bei.

She and Lu Tianqing shouldnt ever fall into my hands, or I wont be nice.”

If he found any dirt on the mother and daughter, Li Qisheng would definitely get revenge!

Qiao Mei said, “Ive already called the production team several times, wanting to invite Director Jiao to come and talk about this matter.

But at this critical moment, he refused to agree and doesnt want to be involved in scandals.

Manager Li, I might need you to speak up for Su Bei.”

“Ive already found someone.” After the incident, Li Qisheng had already gone around to make peace.

As long as the director of the production team believed in Su Bei, the dirt the outside world thought they had on Su Bei would mean nothing.

When the announcement was made that Su Bei had been selected, the scandal would die off.

Unfortunately, the production crew was avoiding suspicion now.

Coupled with the fact that they were part of Tian Xins connections, Li Qishengs work was progressing very difficult.

A whole day had passed, but there was still no progress.

He called Lu Heting, but Lu Heting didnt make anything clear, so Li Qisheng couldnt rush him.

He and Qiao Mei were in a terrible fix.

Qiao Mei didnt want Su Bei to worry, so she asked her to go home and rest.

After all, for Su Bei, acting was her main focus.

On Tian Xins side, she attended an event.

As an artist who had recently been tied to the name Su Bei, she was very eye-catching.

The reporters couldnt help but ask her about the matter.

“Tian Xin, may I ask if the words you said to warn the young were meant for Su Bei”

“Not really.

But young people who behave like that do have to look at themselves in the mirror.

I want young people to be down-to-earth and look at the big picture.

That way, theyll do better in the future.”

Her answer was flawless, but it secretly pointed at Su Bei.

Another reporter asked her again, “So what would you do if you found artists who behaved in such a way”

“Ill boycott her and hope she never shows her face in public again.

Idol influences children too much.

I dont want the younger generation to be influenced by an idols bad behavior.”

Tian Xins words were reasonable and won a round of applause.

Parents were moved to tears.

Tian Xins words had undoubtedly hit the nail on the head.

These parents had grown up watching Tian Xins movies when they were young.

Now, they were deeply proud of her.

“As expected of my idol.

What she said is wise.

What right do those young people have to be liked by so many people! My idol is still worthy of respect!”

Sure enough, strange animals like humans were only willing to hear what they believed in.

The things they liked were justified, while the things others liked were sh*t.

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