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Tian Xin laughed out loud.

Her words were not meant to warn the younger generation.

When she spoke, she went straight for Su Bei.

Who asked Su Bei to make Lu Tianqing suffer at the banquet the last time

Since Han Qingwan wanted to protect Su Bei, she had to make a move on Su Bei.

If she succeeded Bei, it would be equivalent to slapping Han Qingwan in the face.

With this incident, although it was not enough to destroy Su Beis reputation, it definitely wouldnt help Su Bei with the selection for the political film.

After all, there were too many actors to choose from.

There were also many capable actors.

If Su Bei was dealt a blow at this critical moment, wouldnt she become the first to be eliminated

As Tian Xin had hoped, there was a huge disagreement among the political films production crew.

With Su Beis acting skills, she had already passed the preliminaries and entered the semi-finals.

However, the sudden scandal claimed that Su Bei had slept with the director to get her previous role.

In that case, wouldnt it be a humiliation to the political film that represented the entire country if the production crew chose Su Bei

Casting Assistant Director A was extremely fond of Su Bei.

He tried his best to vouch for her.

“Su Bei is not that kind of person.

Ive interacted with her in private.

Its absolutely impossible for her to use that kind of method to gain resources.

Besides, how outstanding was her performance during the audition previously Shes clearly so beautiful, but when she changed her clothes, she had the gentleness and determination of a primary school teacher.

Her tone was exactly the same as my primary school teacher.”

Casting Director B disagreed.

“Su Beis acting skills are good, but its not like there arent any actors with good acting skills.

We have better choices, so why waste them on an uncertain factor like Su Bei What if her fans are still fighting when the movie is released How can we guarantee that the sentiments are properly conveyed by the movie”

“I dont think theres anything wrong with Director Bs concerns,” said Casting Director C.

“There cant be any mistakes or problems with our casting.

We absolutely cant let someone with a stained past contaminate our otherwise clean and pure creative environment!”

Casting Director D was a woman.

She thought for a moment and said, “I think we should give Su Bei another chance.

Apart from the second audition, isnt there a final audition too If she can pass the heavy screening and stand out from the rest, why dont we give her a chance”

As a woman, Director D had been treated unfairly in the workplace, so she knew that when it came to women, all it took to be stepped on was getting sl*t-shamed.

As a woman, she empathized with Su Beis plight.

Seeing that Director D had already said so, everyone decided to give Su Bei a chance.

Director B said, “Then Ill say this first.

No matter how capable Su Bei is, if such a scandal continues, we shouldnt be blamed for being rude.

There are so many of us.

We cant be implicated because of her, right”

They all nodded in agreement.

As the vice president of the Film Association, Tian Xin was especially clear about the progress and process of this casting.

She knew that what she said would definitely work.

She just had to wait and see.

If Su Bei was dropped from this movie, her reputation would only continue to fall.

With Tian Xins talent and years of experience in the industry, it was a given that Lu Tianqing would enter the final selection.

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