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“Hahaha, my daughter, Lu Tianqing, of course.”

The reporter asked her.

“As a senior, do you have anything to say to young celebrities these days”

“Oh, I do.

I just want to tell those young children that people have to rely on their own efforts to fight for what they want and achieve their dreams.

Never, never think of taking shortcuts.

“Ive heard before that some celebrities, especially female celebrities, are willing to use their bodies to please big directors in order to obtain resources.

I especially dont advocate such behavior.

Honor and achievements that arent established by oneself will eventually collapse.

“I hope such young women will take better care of themselves.”

As soon as Tian Xin said this, the media reporters recorded it all.

When she said things like that, she didnt give the impression of being arrogant.

Instead, she sounded patient and magnanimous as if she was genuinely worried that young women would take the wrong path and be doomed.

Her tone was kind and especially gentle.

Besides, her personal resume was already filled with glory from when she was young.

She even obtained positions in Hollywood and the film association in S Country when she was older.

Hence, there was no problem at all with her saying this.

The reporters quickly posted her statement.

There was nothing wrong with that.

However, someone quickly took the lead and said: [Our Su Bei is not the kind of person that Tian Xin is talking about.

She relied on her own efforts to get her resources.

The matter with Director Camilan the last time has already been clarified.

Why are you still holding on to it I curse people like you to die a horrible death! Those who criticize Su Bei will all die!]

On the surface, these words were to protect Su Bei, but they were simply making Su Bei a target.

In an instant, Su Bei was pushed to the forefront.

It had to be said that criticizing anti-fans was really a useful method.

It immediately caused many people to denounce Su Beis fans.

[Su Beis diehard fans, listen up.

Back when Tian Xin was filming, your idol was still in diapers.

Dont think that just anyone can be scolded by you!]

[Crazy fans are really getting worse.

Theyre full of sh*t.

The idol stinks, and the fans stink even more.]

[Stupid fans, go home and grow a brain.

Remember to bring it out when you leave the house.]

Su Beis fans naturally wouldnt allow such a reputation to be attached to them.

They immediately counterattacked to protect their reputation.

Soon, this caused a huge battle between fans and anti-fans.

Originally, nothing should have happened, and Tian Xins words did not refer to anyone.

After such a big battle, everyone seemed to understand that Tian Xins statement was directed at Su Bei.

Needless to say, this batch of anti-fans was hired by Lu Tianqing.

For the time being, she could not defame the other members of the Lu family but could defame Su Bei.

Taking advantage of her mothers return, she successfully criticized Su Bei.

When Tian Xin returned home and saw the news on the internet, she smiled.

“Your team is not bad.

Theyre quite fast to make a move.”

“Mom, you spoke all the right words.

Otherwise, how could we have a reason to attack Su Bei”

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