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Among so many artists, Su Bei also saw familiar faces such as Lu Tianqing, Sheng Xiaotang, and Jia Shiyun.

There were people from all walks of life.

It seemed that everyone was vying for a role in the film that was every bit as good as Camillans film, if not better.

Xiao Bai followed behind Su Bei and looked at the crowded scene.

She couldnt help but sigh.

“Oh my God, what a peerless event.

Im actually seeing all the celebrities in the entertainment industry today.

Its a pity that I didnt bring my notebook.

Otherwise, I could have asked my idol for an autograph.”

“There are indeed quite a lot of people here.” Su Bei glanced around.

Many people were just celebrities who looked good but didnt have the skills needed, but there were also many who were really capable.

Their acting skills were good, and their reputation was widely recognized.

However, Su Bei wasnt worried about that.

Sometimes, the person who motivated ones progress wasnt necessarily ones friend but a powerful competitor.

After the audition, Su Bei received the news.

“After the initial selection, therell be a second and final selection.

Everyone, be prepared.”

Countless people were fighting for roles, and countless companies would operate from all levels.

When everyones ability and acting skills were similar, other operations would be important.

After the preliminaries, Qiao Mei called Su Bei.

“Su Bei, Ive asked around.

You have a high chance.

The assistant director is full of praise for you.

I think my job is too easy.”

“I hope the subsequent auditions will be easy.” Su Bei smiled.

Tian Xin returned to the country.

She was not famous in China, but in Hollywood, she had made a name for herself with her understanding of peoples hearts and Lu Yaodes money.

Although she was only an occasional guest in many blockbusters, she was qualified to be the vice president of the Hollywood Industry Association.

After returning from overseas, she quickly obtained the status of vice president of the Film Association of S Country.

She was very impressive.

This was because she was always in movies.

In addition, when she was young, she was indeed very popular in S Country.

When she was at her peak, she retreated bravely.

In the eyes of her fans in S Country, Tian Xin was completely a legend.

On the day she returned to the country, she deliberately kept a high profile and announced her schedule.

When she arrived at the airport, a group of fans and media had already arrived to pick her up.

As a veteran female artist back then, Tian Xin had outstanding looks and had taken good care of herself.

Although she was already in her 50s, she looked to be in her early 30s.

She could still go up against a younger artist.

“Welcome home! We missed you lots!”

“Tian Xin Fan Club welcomes you home!”

Tian Xin took off her sunglasses that covered her entire face and smiled.

She waved at everyone, causing screams.

Her gait was calm and elegant.

The reporters were already rushing to the front to interview her.

“Tian Xin, youve already left the entertainment industry in S Country.

What opportunity made you think of coming back”

“Its my daughter, Lu Tianqing.

She reminded me of my original intentions.

Its never too late to have dreams.” Tian Xin brought up her daughter and spoke nice words about her.

“Welcome back.

Tian Xin, is there any artist you want to work with”

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