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Lu Tianci was eager to improve in the business world.

After obtaining those shares, he began to expand his business on a large scale.

Lu Yaodes future depended on his son.

Of course, he would support him.

Lu Tianqing also had to rely on her younger brother to consolidate her position in He Consortium, so she hoped that Lu Tiancis career could improve quickly.

Lu Heting wanted to use this opportunity to contact Lu Tianci.

Soon, Lu Tianci would lose everything, and the 10% shares would be quietly taken by Lu Heting.

With every step Lu Tianci took, Lu Heting would take three or even ten steps to wait for him.

With Lu Tiancis personality, even if he were to lose all 10% of his shares, he would not dare to reveal it to his parents and sister.

He would continue to invest and try to recoup his losses.

With such a gamblers mentality, how could he survive three moves from Lu Heting

Qiao Mei had recently received an audition offer for Su Bei.

It was a role in a political film.

These movies were filmed every year by state investment.

They were generally shot to promote national power, patriotism, and so on.

Such movies generally had a particularly grand theme to show the prosperity of the country.

The movies were usually very strict about the selection of actors.

The previous films were all focused on long-time actors.

However, as the times changed, the production teams started choosing good talents from among the young artists.

Although the selected artists, especially the young ones, did not have many scenes, it was already very impressive for them to have a total of ten minutes of screen time.

However, many companies still rushed to film such a movie.

This was because being able to film such a movie meant that there was nothing wrong with the artists character.

The artist was approved by the country.

“This film is to show the culture of the motherland.

The scenes where you wrote with a brush were filmed and posted online as small clips.

I contacted the assistant director in charge of the casting.

Hes interested.

If possible, you can play one of the teachers who went to the countryside to teach,” Qiao Mei said.

Su Bei picked up the script and read it.

It was indeed a political film.

The plot was very vivid and touching.

It started with all kinds of small characters to show the development and strength of the country.

The screenwriter was really a genius.

“I quite like the part.

Ill do well during the audition.”

Qiao Mei smiled and said, “Perform well.

This is a very high-level recognition.

If you can get the role, haters wont be able to do anything to you for the next few years.

Your fans will also be honored.

You can brag about this for a few years.”

“Thats not bragging.

Thats just a normal compliment, okay” Su Bei smiled.

Qiao Mei smiled even wider.

“Its good to have confidence.”

The auditions for this film were very strict.

Not only did the actors require acting skills, but the actors themselves could not have a stain on their reputation.

Some groundless scandals would not affect the casting.

However, if an artist had any scandals that were too big, such as fake academic qualifications, explicit records of being a mistress who messed around with men and women, hitting people, and so on, they would be eliminated immediately.

When Su Bei went to the venue, she saw that there were as many people as there were hairs on a cow.

Although the scenes were not long and the remuneration could be ignored, many celebrities still flocked to such a prestigious event.

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