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Lu Heting knew that she was worried about him.

He reached out and held her hand.

“Dont worry, I wont let them succeed.”

He had also arranged for people to keep an eye on Lu Yaodes side.

Any movement would enter his ears.

Su Bei knew Lu Heting had his own plans.

However, when she thought of Lu Tianci and Lu Tianqing, she found it difficult to relax.

Lu Heting soon received news that Old Madam Lu had given all her 10% shares to Lu Tianci and asked him to keep it a secret.

With Lu Tiancis personality, he would keep it a secret from the outside world, but he would not be able to suppress his smugness.

He already told Lu Yaode, Lu Tianqing, and Tian Xin everything.

Lu Heting soon found out how there could be impenetrable walls in the world.

“You mean Grandma gave these things to Lu Tianci” Lu Weijian was shocked.

Sitting at the side, Su Bei looked at Lu Heting and couldnt help but feel sorry for him.

“Brother!!! Everything that Lu Group has now is all thanks to you! When Lu Yaode left, the entire Lu Group could be said to have fallen apart! If you hadnt forcefully integrated the entire group later, would Lu Group be where it is today” Lu Weijian felt indignant for him.

Lu Heting lowered his eyes.

“I agreed to give the shares to Grandma back then.

They are hers.

She can give them to whoever she wants.”

Lu Weijian wanted to say that it was precisely because of this that Old Madam Lus actions were so disappointing!

Lu Heting trusted her so much, but she used such a method torepay him!

Especially since Old Madam Lu had taken care of Lu Heting all these years, their relationship was deep.

However, the deeper it was, the more it hurt when stabbed in the back.

Why did she draw the knife

“Brother, should I talk to Grandma Her decision is a little too silly,” Lu Weijian said.

Lu Heting didnt even open his eyes.

“You dont have to say anything.

Besides, the shares have already been transferred away.

Even if you say something to her, you wont be able to get the shares back.

The things in Grandmas hands belong to Grandma, but the things in Lu Tiancis hands… may not necessarily be Lu Tiancis.”

Lu Weijian slapped his thigh.

“Brother, youre indeed my brother! Why didnt I think of this”

However, Su Bei knew that Lu Heting was not without any gloom.

He was betrayed by his father when he was young, and he was tricked by his family when he was older.

Although Old Madam Lu was not a bad person, her mind had dulled.

She had forgotten that even though Lu Heting and Lu Tianci were of the same bloodline, they were siblings who would kill each other.

She was old and kind, but her kindness to others had stabbed Lu Heting in the back.

Su Bei was especially solicitous.

“Ill cook tonight.

Heting, what do you want to eat”

Lu Heting grabbed her hand and rubbed it for a moment.

He knew that she was empathizing with him.

The feelings between people were always so fragile that he couldnt help but hold on to Su Bei for a while longer.

Su Bei stood while he sat.

She looked down at him with determination in her eyes.

‘Even if the world is unfair and the road ahead is filled with thorns, Ill accompany you to the end.

A smile appeared on Lu Hetings lips, chasing away the heavy loneliness.

Lu Weijian said, “…So are you guys being lovey-dovey by looking into each others eyes like this I dont understand why the topic of conversation has progressed from eating to this”

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