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Even Sheng Xiaotang did not expect Lu Tianci to succeed so quickly.

Getting 10% of the Lu familys shares would already be the pinnacle of their lives.

Lu Tianci recalled that although he had led a good life in T Country all these years and had made some achievements in his career, he was completely incomparable to Lu Group.

Now, he had finally obtained everything.

As for the child in Sheng Xiaotangs stomach, that was completely false.

At this critical moment in her life, she would definitely not waste her time on something as time-consuming and energy-consuming as giving birth.

They were just lying to Old Madam Lu.

Lu Heting and Su Bei came to the Lu familys mansion to visit Old Madam Lu and Old Master Lu.

The butler smiled and said, “Old Master is trimming those flowers and plants in the backyard.

Old Madam went out today and hasnt returned yet.”

“Didnt you get anyone to accompany Grandma when she went out” Lu Heting asked casually.

“The old madam doesnt like company when she goes out these days,” the butler reported truthfully.

“She says shes used to being alone.”

Lu Heting and Su Bei looked at each other.

In fact, they both understood that it was because Lu Tianci and Lu Tianqing had returned, so the old madam had been going out to see them.

Lu Heting had no right to interfere.

Old Master Lu came back from the backyard with a smile.

When he saw Lu Heting and Su Bei, he said, “Take a seat.

Butler, go pour some tea.

Why arent Da Bao and Gun Gun here”

“Theyre having some school activities recently, so they wont be able to come for a few days,” Lu Heting said.

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Old Master Lu sighed.

“Sigh, when they get back, tell those two little fellows that I really miss them.”

Old Master Lu shook his head and laughed.

This grandson of his always spoke so little.

After a while, Old Madam Lu returned.

Initially, after seeing Lu Tianci, she was in an exceptionally good mood.

Knowing that she was going to have another great-grandson, the smile on her face made her wrinkles widen.

When she entered, her mood improved when she heard that Lu Heting was here.

However, when she thought about how she had already given her shares to Lu Tianci, she could not help but feel a little guilty.

Although she was not biased toward her juniors, she also had the common problem of old people.

She could not bear to see any of the children suffer and wanted to make them all equal.

“What took you so long Heting and Su Bei are both here.” Old Master Lu casually called out to his wife.

He knew very well who Old Madam Lu had gone out to meet.

Even if he refused to see them, he could not stop her from doing so.

However, Old Master Lu did not expect Old Madam Lu to do such a thing.

She gave away all her shares in one go.

Lu Heting had a cold personality.

Although the atmosphere was a little lively with Su Bei around, nothing really changed.

After the meal, the two of them took their leave.

On the way out, Su Bei said, “Grandma seems to like Lu Tianci and Lu Tianqing.

Does she always go out to see them”

“Its her freedom,” Lu Heting said.

“Yes, Im just afraid that the siblings have ulterior motives.” Su Bei didnt know much about deception in the business world, but she had seen more of the world and knew that peoples hearts were sometimes not pure.

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