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Besides, it didnt matter what kind of conflict Lu Yaode and Han Qingwan had.

It was Lu Yaodes own business to beat and scold them.

The two children were innocent.

They couldnt choose how they were born.

It was not easy for her to wait for them to return, and now, she had to let them leave their hometown.

Old Madam Lu felt really upset.

She thought for a moment and said, “Tianci, I still have some shares that I can lend you to help you develop.”

“How can I do that Grandma, I cant accept your things.” Lu Tianci hurriedly refused.

But that had been his intention all along.

He had been carefully keeping her company for so long.

He had been waiting for this day.

“I told you to take them, so take them.

Heting and Weijian are both very capable and dont lack these shares.

Your career was delayed overseas, or else you wouldve enjoyed the same achievements long ago.

Ill make the decision to give these things to you.” Old Madam Lu said, “The child in Xiaotangs stomach needs to stay.

The two of you are fine.

It wont be too late to return the shares to me when you have a successful career.”

Lu Tianci tried his best to decline it.

However, the more he refused, the more Old Madam Lu felt that she had mistreated him and could not wait to give him more.

As a result, Old Madam Lus heart ached even more.

In the end, she waved her hand and decided to give all 10% of the Lu familys shares to Lu Tianci.

Lu Tianci was overjoyed.

He had thought that getting 45% of her total shares would be enough.

He did not expect Old Madam Lu to be so generous as to give him everything.

He didnt refuse anymore and said, “Grandma, I wont decline your kindness anymore.

Otherwise, Ill really let down your love for me.

When Xiaotang and I settle down, Ill definitely return everything to you at double the rate.”

“As long as youre well, Ill be satisfied.” Old Madam Lu did not notice anything wrong.

She reminded him, “You dont have to tell anyone about this.

Keep these shares for yourself and dont make a big fuss.

No one will know.

With these as your backing, you can develop your career well.

When the time comes, youll be a hundred times more valuable than I am.”

“Thank you, Grandma.

Ill definitely work hard,” Lu Tianci said.

Old Madam Lu suddenly felt that she had let Lu Heting and the two younger children down.

But on second thought, with Lu Hetings ability, he could earn 10,000 times or even a hundred million times more than this.


Besides, Lu Tianci had the blood of the Lu family and was Lu Hetings brother!

When brothers worked together, benefits could cut through gold.

When brothers hated each other, it was a big taboo!

Everything she did was for the sake of the entire Lu family! In the future, they would support each other.

Only children of the same bloodline would have more attachments to each other.

At the thought of this, she did not insist anymore.

She would only speak after Lu Tianci succeeded.

In any case, her current 10% shares would not affect the entire Lu Group.

Lu Tianci was overjoyed when he received the 10% shares.

He never expected that the Lu familys things would be so easy to obtain.

This gave him the illusion that the current head of the Lu family was really a good-for-nothing and far inferior to him!

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