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Just like some old people on the streets, they could even spend all their retirement money on those strangers in pyramid schemes for that little bit of companionship and a few nice words.

It was not surprising that Old Madam Lu was deceived by their sweet talk.

Lu Heting and Lu Weijian couldnt stop Lu Tianqing and Lu Tianci from meeting the old madam.

On this day, Lu Tianci came to pick up Old Madam Lu.

Naturally, the old madam came over happily.

Among the people who accompanied Lu Tianci was Sheng Xiaotang.

“Grandma, this is Sheng Xiaotang, my girlfriend,” Lu Tianci introduced her.

“Good, good.” Old Madam Lu was very happy.

Sheng Xiaotang was also a sweet talker.

She knew what a heavy responsibility she carried, so she coaxed Old Madam Lu very happily.

If it were any other time, she would not be so humble in her own home.

However, in order to help Lu Tianci, she felt that it was worth it.

After making Old Madam Lu happy, Lu Tianci changed the topic and said, “Grandma, we cant accompany you tomorrow.

We have something to do at the hospital.”

“Why are you going to the hospital Whos sick”


No ones sick.

Dont worry, Grandma.”

Old Madam Lu said angrily, “How can no one be sick If no one is sick, why would you go to the hospital Tell me, whats going on Is there anything you cant say in front of me”

“Dont be angry, Grandma.

Ill tell you everything.

Xiaotang is pregnant, but we dont have the ability to get married yet, so we want to get rid of the child.”


“How can this be Why would you abort the child” Old Madam Lu was anxious.

Even though she already had Da Bao and Gun Gun, to an elderly, no matter how many grandchildren one had, it was never enough.

And in their minds, they didnt like the idea of aborting children.

“Cant our Lu family afford to raise a child Whats so great about getting married At most, you just have to fork out some money to marry each other and raise your child!”

Lu Tianci shook his head.

“Grandma, its not that simple.

Xiaotangs family hopes that she can marry a successful man.

My current career is in the early stages.

I dont want to rely on Dad and Sister for my achievements, so I want to wait a little longer.

Actually, its nothing.

Ill soon have a successful career and marry Xiaotang.

Its just that…”

“Its just that because of what happened to Dad back then, the others in my family dont like me and its a blow to my career, so my career development is a little thwarted.” After saying that, Lu Tianci smiled again.

“This is normal.

A powerful opponent makes one improve.”

His performance was too outstanding.

He combined his lack of ambition with Lu Hetings suppression of him.

Then, he used a child to exert pressure and increase his bargaining chips.

He coaxed the usually shrewd Old Madam Lu into a daze.

Sheng Xiaotang also said, “Grandma, dont worry about us.

Well be fine.

Even if were suppressed, we can just go to another country to develop.

The world is so big.

Therell always be a place for us.

Its just that at that time, well have less time to accompany you.”

When Old Master Lu heard this, she could not bear to part with them.

Lu Tianci and Lu Tianqing had been keeping her company during this period of time.

It had been a long time since she had enjoyed such family joy.

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