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Lu Heting stroked her delicate arm.

Su Beis wrist felt slightly cold.

He had already put a bracelet on her.

“Wear this in the future,” Lu Heting whispered in her ear.

Su Bei couldnt help but smile.

The jade bracelet given by Lu Heting was very transparent.

It was even better than the one given by Mrs.


Both the quality and workmanship were better.

Lu Heting explained softly, “I thought Moms bracelet was unique and suitable for you, but I didnt expect others to have the same one.”

The last thing he wanted was Lu Yaodes half-hearted sentiments, as well as something that symbolized the deception against his mother and the flattery of a mistress.

A bracelet like that was no longer a symbol of affection.

It was purely something that should have been discarded long ago.

Su Bei understood what he meant and accepted the bracelet with a smile.

She could keep Han Qingwans gift and wear this new bracelet she just got.

When Su Bei went to the company, Qiao Mei asked curiously, “I heard that you fought with Lu Tianqing”

“Where did you hear this”

“Its just some internal channels, so I dont know if its accurate or not.

I dont even know the specifics, but I heard your names.

Whats going on Although Lu Tianqing isnt famous in S Country, shes a socialite in the United States.” Qiao Mei did this for Su Beis sake.

She didnt want her to offend too many people and suffer a setback in her career.

Su Bei smiled.


It was just a spat.

But its all settled.”

Qiao Mei was surprised.

“You had an argument with her”

“We just exchanged a few words.” It wasnt that Su Bei wanted to hide it from Qiao Mei, but once this matter was explained, there would be too many people involved.

“Forget it.

As long as its nothing serious.

This is your updated work schedule.

Take a look first.” Qiao Mei handed over the document.

“If theres anything you dont want to attend, Ill do my best to make it work.”

Su Bei flipped through it.

“Its alright.

Lets just proceed.”

As an artist, she not only had to think for herself, but also had to support the various staff members around her.

Lu Tianqing and Lu Tianci waited for an opportunity.

If they wanted to obtain the inheritance rights of Lu Group, it would be somewhat unjustified.

However, according to the law of S Country, illegitimate children could enjoy the same inheritance rights.

However, the current Lu Group had nothing to do with Lu Yaode.

If they wanted to inherit and share what belonged to Old Master Lu and Old Madam Lu, they would have to pay a price.

After a few tests, Lu Tianqing and Lu Tianci realized that Old Madam Lu was easier to talk to than Old Master Lu.

She had a gentler personality.

After all, Old Madam Lu still loved her biological son, Lu Yaode.

She could not bear to see him being excluded from the family.

Although she loved Lu Heting very much, there were still some problems between her and Han Qingwan, which made it impossible for her to completely side with Han Qingwan.

Lu Tianci and Lu Tianqing had obtained such an opportunity, so they often came over to accompany Old Madam Lu.

They made her smile happily.

Because Da Bao and Gun Gun could only come over on weekends, Old Madam Lus thoughts gradually became biased.

To the elderly, this was all very normal.

As they got older, they all hoped that their children would spend more time with them and help them pass this lonely time.

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